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When it comes to vacation care Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and other Australian cities and towns are well served by the Fun Day Out providers. Check out these ones for starters …

Andy Jones - vacation care Sydney Melbourne

Andy Jones – What’s the Joke

Wildly Popular Musical Show

Bestselling children’s author and entertainer, Andy Jones, presents a hilarious, musical show about jokes and humour.

Using guitar, drums and fun props, Andy will show children how to deliver a punchline, create a joke, use gross humour and laugh till your sides ache!


  • Ridiculously funny jokes and cool music
  • Dancing, acting, joke telling and more
  • What’s Included
  • 90mins of funny ha ha
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Future Film Stars – vacation care Sydney Melbourne

Future Film Stars – Artificial Intelligence

Neuranext Synthetic Cognition
Artificial Intelligence is an Incursion program that introduces students to the key scientific concepts of Artificial Intelligence.

Kids learn about A.I., get to implement computer vision using Python Code and Jupyter Notebooks with data and images they create.

Kids also workshop future applications of the technology and their impact on the world.


  • Learn about the science of Artificial Intelligence, about how computer vision works, how a computer learns with Neural Networks.
  • Create your own data and apply A.I. to it for tasks like image classification, object detection and more!
  • Learn how to train and deploy Autonomous Robotic Cars on our large A.I. self driving track.

What’s Included?

  • The latest cutting edge Artificial Intelligence technology and discuss its implications and potential applications, brainstorm the next wave of A.I. implementations!
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing - excursions sydney parramatta

Base Zero Mobile Rock Climbing

The Ultimate Rock Climbing Experience!

Excitement at your service builds as a portable rock climbing wall raises up into position.

It’s a thrilling adventure for children and even team leaders.

Suitable for all ages 4yrs and up, Base Zero rock climbing incursions have been a stand out activity at 100’s of services over the last 12 years.

Reserve an incursion for your next School Holidays and let your children enjoy the Base Zero experience.


  • Increases strength, endurance, and flexibility
  • Teaches hand, feet and eye coordination
  • Builds confidence and self-esteem
  • Increases problem solving, planning and decision-making abilities

What’s Included?

  • All equipment is brought to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Let’s Make a Movie 2 - incursions sydney parramatta

Let’s Make a Movie 2

A sequel to the original Let’s Make a Movie

Welcoming you once again to the world of TV magic….with new songs and dance moves.

An exciting incursion that utilises a fun combination of dancing, singing, and acting activities to make a music video to Top 40 hits.

The journey begins with rehearsals, as we dance and sing our way into the shoes of a rockstar, before your kids are recorded on a green screen and singing in front of a studio microphone using a range of props and costume pieces.


  • Children will perform a new act that continues the story of their earlier work
  • Helps children build confidence and inspire creativity

What’s Included?

  • 90 minutes of engaging activity and a 5 minute screening
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

My Dance Crew - incursions sydney melbourne

My Dance Crew

Unique Dance Workshop!

Presented by the fun and very energetic Nathan Short, this awesome incursion gets children to experience a huge variety of dance styles, dancing in teams, formations, scattered around the room, on their own and with a friend. All ages and skill levels are supported to move confidently, perform fearlessly and express themselves freely.


  • Children explore their awesome creative potential as they dance to the best music on the planet
  • Gain fundamental movement skills (as featured in the school curriculum)
  • Focus on positive mental health and wellbeing
  • Enhance social awareness, confidence and anti-bullying strategies.

What’s Included?

  • Nathan brings his energetic and amazing dance workshop to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Detective D - vacation care sydney melbourne

Adventures of Detective D

Do you have what it takes to solve a crime?

Do you think you could lie to a professional sleuth?

Would you like to be a part of a real life detective movie?

Detective D is a story and workshop about solving cases and unravelling the big questions, like who ate my lunch?

Detective D is a real life Sherlock Holmes with years of experience reading peoples body language, changing his identity through disguise and has ….Well some things he’s sworn to secrecy about.


  • Learn how to pick up and take a finger print
  • Use blue light and make a foot cast
  • Solve a crime and play some sleuthing games

What’s Included?

  • This 90 minute rollercoaster of fun will teleport everyone into a world where every blink is a clue.
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Dr Hubble - vacation care sydney melbourne

Dr Hubble

Everybody loves bubbles but Dr Hubble REALLY loves bubbles!

The fun begins as Dr Hubble shows us the magic and beauty of bubbles.

One big bubble blown from the hand unites the children as an audience and brings them into a state of wonder.


  • Dr Hubble makes bubbles from objects we find around the house like the milk bottle bubble and the gum boot bubble
  • Children will also see bubbles inside bubbles, a square bubble, the biggest bubbles you have ever seen, the new explode-a bubble and at the end of the performance one lucky child will be put inside a bubble!

What’s Included?

  • 1.5hrs of fun and laughter
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Earthbeats - vacation care Sydney Melbourne


Explore Music in a Fun and Positive Environment!

With fun and learning as the focus, Earthbeats creates an interactive and happy musical experience. Full of wonderful surprises, a love of music and a happy presence, Susie Hobday will ignite and engage children of all ages.


  • Learn the concepts of music – beat, rhythm, pitch, melody and tempo
  • Hands-on experience with many different instruments, including drums and percussion
  • Festive way to engage in a multicultural music experience!

What’s Included?

  • All musical equipment required is brought to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Farmer Dave - vacation care sydney melbourne

Farmer Dave Dog Training – School Activity

Memorable, exciting, educational & sensational!

Few performers can hold the attention of an audience like Farmer Dave can.

With expert timing, he delivers a hilarious experience containing education and empowerment each step of the way, allowing the audience to learn just how amazing training and bonding with man’s best friend can be.

Being a highly educated dog behaviourist and trainer as well as a brilliant entertainer, Farmer Dave is the complete package. Offering shows as diverse as Dock Dogs, Big Air and Extreme Vertical through to Sheep Herding, Duck Herding and to his immensely popular trick shows with the MUTTLEY CREW, made up of rehabilitated rescue dogs.

Farmer Dave and his Crew give students an exciting educational experience where they learn safety around dogs both known and unknown as well as interactive learning outcomes of communication team building and empathy. Children often finish the engaging experience exhausted but loving every moment.

Farmer Dave’s Food, Fibre and Fuel - vacation care sydney melbourne

Farmer Dave’s Food, Fibre and Fuel

Food, Fibre and Fuel

Understanding our aboriginal past to our sustainable farming future in the ‘living world’!

An educational and entertaining journey exploring the use of water conservation, crop and animal development to meet the needs of an ever changing global system.

Children will be able to think critically and creatively whilst engaged in hands on activities designed to motivate and activate higher order thinking.


  • Presented by Farmer Dave Graham
  • Damper cooking – Farmer Dave will show children how it is done
  • Physical bush games – Lots of fun and laughter
  • Plant production (wheat and chickpeas) centre will be left with an ongoing project – children will be able to watch as plants grow

What’s Included

  • 2hr program
  • Worksheets
  • Aligned with the Australian Curriculum ACSSU043 ACSSU094
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Connect to My Country with Farmer Dave and the Backtrack Boys

Connect to My Country with Farmer Dave and The BackTrack Boys

Connect to My Country

Farmer Dave and The BackTrack Boys bring out the Aussie hidden in every kid and celebrates our Connection to Country through embracing our Aboriginal past!

Kids are taken on a linguistic and transformative adventure throughout this incursion.

Children will also develop an understanding of bush survival, bush tucker, dance and art through our presenters from one of our ancient people including Kamilaroi – From NSW, Arrernte from NT and Bigambul from Qld.

Our Custodians bring their larrikin style of interactive activation for every participants mind, body and soul. As always Farmer Dave and the Back Track Boys (yes they are the same guys that were in the Movie and on TV) are not only fun but give an incredible educational experience for kids and educators alike to embrace OUR Aboriginal Heritage!


  • Learn about one of our traditional peoples, the weaving of yarns and Dreamtime stories.
  • Each workshop is unique and is dependent on which presenter visits your centre and which region they are from.

What’s Included

  • 2hr workshop
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Fit Fantastic Boxing - vacation care sydney melbourne

Fit Fantastic Boxing

Skills, Drills, Team Games, Challenges and more…

Energetic & experienced Master Trainer, PE Teacher & Kids Coach, Ali from Fit Fantastic, delivers Outdoor AND Indoor Boxing and Self-Defense activities keeping kids engaged & active!


  • Warm Up & Footwork
  • Mentality: Building confidence in kids, as well as appropriate self-discipline and self determination
  • Boxing Moves: Kids will be taught a basic skill set including jabs, crosses, hooks and uppercuts, and depending on the level of the group, boxing combinations
  • Sparring/Partner Work: No equipment. Teaching self-control and improving balance and footwork
  • Games & Challenges: Fun boxing

What’s Included?

  • Ali from Fit Fantastic brings all equipment for an energetic experience
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Flash Me Photo Booth - vacation care sydney melbourne

Flash Me Photo Booth

Get socialising and having fun dressing up and taking photos with your pals. Flash Me Photo Booth Hire is sure to impress, you’ll even have photo evidence to take home.

There are three options of photo booths using a quality Canon DSLR camera, a professional dual cut dye-sublimation printer and studio lighting to deliver outstanding quality images, all via a touchscreen. The Open-Air Booth which can fit approximately 12-15 people in a shot, as it is an Open-Air style booth. The Premium Closed Booth is a hard-walled enclosure and only requires a small space to operate. Mirror Me Booth, you walk up to the mirror, colourful animations and a voice guidance invite them to engage in a magical, interactive, selfie experience. You can also fit approximately 12-15 people in shot


  • Box of props to add some fun to your photos
  • Take home pictures from the day
  • Photo files on USB Card

What’s Included?

  • A Booth Attendant
  • Unlimited 4×6 prints with full length images
  • Interactive Animations with sound
  • Touch screen photo-signing and Emoji stamping
  • Huge Selection of Fun Props
  • Photo files on a USB Card
  • Online Photo Gallery Hosting (password protected)
  • Optional standard backdrop colours
  • Delivery, Set up and Removal

Fun Sports - vacation care sydney melbourne

Fun Sports Day

Crazy Fun Activities

Children will love the fun-filled games and activities provided by Fun Sports. Gladiator Duels, Zorb Balls, Water play and Sumo Wrestling are a few of the exciting and engaging activities to choose from at your Fun Sports Day!


Options include:

  • Bumper Balls
  • Gladiator Duels
  • Zorb Ball Fun
  • Jumping Castle
  • Soccer Radar Challenge

What’s Included?

  • 2hrs or 2.5hrs of customised, action-packed activities
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Illuminata Circus Dance Party - vacation care sydney melbourne

Illuminata Circus Dance Party

Have oodles of colourful fun!

Turn up the music, turn out the lights, and have oodles of colourful fun with the coolest new GLOW IN THE DARK and L.E.D. LIGHT UP Circus Games.

Get inspired while watching an incredible illuminated Circus Show before experiencing a whole spectrum of skills on this light-up Circus Circuit.

Then it is your turn to create amazing rainbow trails of glow in the dark colours with L.E.D. poi, glowing juggling balls, phosphorescent hula hoops and other exciting circus props.


  • A mesmerising a colourful rainbow show
  • Heidi gets all the kids involved as together they enjoy all the fun of the circus.

What’s Included?

  • Heidi Hoops brings her hoops and groovy music to your centre for this workshop
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Trash Percussion - incursions sydney parramatta

Trash Percussion

Anything and Everything can be a Musical Instrument!

Trash Percussion is an exciting, vibrant and all-inclusive style of music built on the philosophy that everyone can play music. Children will be empowered with this unique approach to music, learn to work together as a team and compose a truly original piece of music of their own on non-traditional instruments.


  • A whole lot of loud fun giving children a sense of ownership and appreciation of the composition process
  • Group learning, positive social skills
  • Improve memory recall and peer interaction

What’s Included?

  • This banging loud incursion is brought to your centre for a workshop of musical creation
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Middle Eastern Percussion - vacation care sydney melbourne

Middle Eastern Percussion

Drum to the beat of the Middle East

The Middle East has been a melting pot of Civilisations and Empires for over 12,000 years.

Its Music has developed into some of the most infectious, exotic, authentic, and recognisable sounds that we have on this planet. It is used to celebrate a myriad of cultures, nations and ethnicities that make up this extremely complex part of the world.


  • How to produce the variety of tones needed to play the rhythms
  • Establishing primary rhythms
  • Variations on these primary rhythms
  • Techniques to improve improvisation

What’s Included?

  • This incursion is brought to your centre for a workshop of musical creation
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

African Percussion - incursions sydney parramatta

African Percussion

Drum to the rhythm of Africa

Africa is one of the most culturally rich and diverse continents on Earth. Its Music is full of vibrancy, passion and energy which is used to celebrate, communicate and reflect the countless customs, beliefs and societies that stretch over this vast land.


  • How to produce the 3 main tones needed to play the rhythms
  • Establishing primary rhythms
  • Exploring cross rhythms
  • Techniques to improve improvisation

What’s Included?

  • This incursion is brought to your centre for a workshop of musical creation
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Jollybops Science Show - vacation care sydney melbourne

Jollybops Science Show – Flight, Sound and Fire

Science with an Aboriginal Perspective!

Take a look at the scientific principles behind some of the great inventions and environmental understandings of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples. In this fun, musical and interactive show children will learn about the science of the Boomerang, Didgeridoo and lots more!


  • Discover the science of the Boomerang
  • Learn about the scientific properties of the sound of the Didgeridoo (Yidaki)
  • Find out about the inventions of the great Aboriginal Scientist David Unaipon (whose face is on the Australian $50 note)
  • See how Indigenous Peoples of NT are helping cut greenhouse gases

What’s Included?

  • Interactive and fun musical show is brought to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Junkyard Beats - vacation care sydney melbourne

Junkyard Beats

Create your own Junkyard Orchestra or sit back and enjoy the Show

Interactive workshop

One person’s trash proves another’s treasure as our highly energetic music-in-education performers combine drumming, dance, theatre and comedy to create a unique and captivating experience.

With a focus on sustainability, boost your students’ thinking and environmental awareness while igniting their creativity as they devise music, help the environment and channel energy in a fun, unique, and collaborative way.

The Junkyard Beats Show

Junkyard beats is an imaginative rhythm group combining drumming, dance, theatre and comedy to create a unique, interactive and captivating experience for their audiences.

In the hands of Junkyard Beats, ordinary household items are transformed into extraordinary booty shaking musical instruments; unwanted junk comes alive in exciting and surprising ways.

What’s Included?

  • Your choice of a 90 minute Workshop or Show
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Glee Club – vacation care sydney melbourne

Next Move Studios – Glee Club

Creating experiences that can last a lifetime!

The Glee Club Workshop is a unique program that focuses on personal development in a fun, nurturing and creative environment. It delivers Performing Arts training in a party atmosphere making it accessible for all children to participate, as we bring the excitement of pop culture to your centre.

Children will get to sing and move to age appropriate music that they know and love!

Glee Club Workshop is an inclusive program, designed to spark each child’s imagination and increase their confidence through interactive group singing, dancing and drama role play, resulting in a well rounded performance at the end of each session. Children will be guided by experienced teachers from the Next Move Studios team.


  • Team drama (improvisation and games)
  • Singing (learn a Glee pop song)
  • Dancing (learn the moves to the song)
  • Prizes and Giveaways
  • Develop a choreographed routine with vocals
  • Group Performance and team work

What’s Included?

  • Fun and interactive workshop
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Bollywood Dance - kids entertainment sydney melbourne dance children incursions

Bollywood Dance

Get your Bollywood on!
This 2 hour workshop is brought to you by the delightful Nupur Dance Group.

An enriching cultural experience taught through the enchanting rhythm of Bollywood dance, children will take part in demonstrations with props such as ghungroo (bells that are worn around the ankle) and Dandia sticks which are used for a special festival in India leading up to Festival of Diwali.


  • Dress up in Bollywood costumes!
  • Listen to a brief history of Bollywood and watch a professional performance
  • Learn a step-by-step routine
  • Learn and play through fun games
  • Children receive a keepsake after the workshop (bindis stickers)

What’s Included?

  • All costumes, music and tuition for 2 hours of colourful fun are brought to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Discover Australia - vacation care sydney melbourne

Discover Australia

Australian Bush Songs and Stories!

Who knew learning about Australian history could be so much fun! This engaging, interactive, educational and entertaining workshop is filled with Australian Bush songs and anecdotes of early Australia. Discover Australia brings an excellent level of showmanship, humour and musical professionalism to any event!


  • A 90 minute show filled with Australian Bush songs and anecdotes
  • Children can join in with playing Lager-phones and spoons for background music
  • Learn about the history of the Australian bush through tales, antecdotes and singing

What’s Included?

  • Discover Australia brings this engaging show to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

scientifix - vacation care sydney melbourne


Attention Junior Scientists!

Hosted by Paul Grierson, the Scientifix Sensational Science Show will have all mini scientists involved in a whole bunch of interactive experiments set to thrill! Challenge the kids’ natural curiosity and watch Paul’s enthusiasm light up the room as he demonstrates and explains the scientific reasons behind how and why things happen.


  • Multiple experiments to demonstrate scientific concepts including:
  • Forces such as gravity and magnetism
  • Energy and its transfer
  • Electricity and where it comes from
  • Chemical reactions
  • Flight and the forces affecting it

What’s Included?

  • Highly interactive show brought to your centre
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Planetarium Aboriginal Astronomy - vacation care sydney melbourne

Planetarium Aboriginal Astronomy – School Activity

Stories in the Stars – Aboriginal Astronomy

Explore Indigenous Australian astronomy in this fascinating mobile Planetarium show. European night sky stories are familiar to many people. However the Aboriginal stories of the southern skies are less well known. Stories in the Stars shows children a new way—the oldest way—of looking at the night sky


  • Explore Indigenous Australian astronomy in this fascinating mobile Planetarium show
  • Find out how indigenous culture describes constellations that can’t be seen from northern latitudes
  • Even Constellations that can be seen from Europe appear in a different way in the sky in the southern hemisphere

What’s Included?

  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Medieval Show - vacation care sydney melbourne

Medieval Show

Come along and bring the Middle Ages to life!

Hear-ye-hear- ye my most loyal educators, come one, come all and enjoy this most educational experience!


  • Children “dressup” and become part of a Medieval Court
  • Learn about life in Medieval times
  • Find out how medicines were used
  • Children have the opportunity to try on a Shield, Helm or lift a Sword (props)
    ** This activity is heavily supervised!

What’s Included?

All props brought to your centre for this amazing 90min incursion

Full compliance verification and documentation

Buster the Balloonatic - incursions sydney parramatta

Buster the Balloonatic

You too could become a master in the art of Airagamie!

Lots of fun and laughs, children will receive a delightful insight to the wonderful world of balloons….


  • Creative hands on fun
  • Short Balloon Show

What’s Included?

  • All material brought to your centre for this interactive 90min incursion
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Canoelands Orchards - excursions sydney parramatta

Canoelands Orchards

Explore an Orchard!

Children will love this opportunity to see how a real orchard operates. This family owned 100 acre orchard produces nectarines, plums, peaches, tomatoes, passionfruit, blueberries and honey.

The farm tour shows children how honey is made and a look at the beautiful farm animals on the property including goats, pigs, chickens and horses.


  • Honey tasting
  • Tractor ride
  • Farm animal experiences
  • Bring a picnic lunch for after the tour

What’s Included?

  • Tours, tastings and farm animal experiences
  • A book on Bee Production – Written by Canoelands
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Australian Botanic Gardens - excursions sydney parramatta

Australian Botanic Gardens, Mount Annan – Summer Holidays OOSH

Summer Holidays OOSH

Keeping cool this summer!

Join the Garden educators for two hours filled with Water Fun Activities!

Run the Wet Sponge Gauntlet or try to hide from the spitting cobra.

We will also investigate with our dipnets who lives in our ponds – and you will learn how to make your own clean water when you are stuck in the Bush.

Bowden Centre – the Australian Botanic Garden Mount Annan
Dates: 6th ,8th ,9th ,10th ,15th ,16th ,17th ,23th ,24th ,27th ,28th January 2020
Time: 10.30am-12.30pm

What’s Included?

  • 2hrs Nature Play
  • All activities fully risk assessed and led by the garden’s experienced Play Rangers.
  • This is an outdoor activity, however the children will have access to an indoor, air-conditioned area and
    alternative activities will be provided if the temperature is deemed too hot.

*Special Cancellation Fees apply to this activity. Please refer to our documentation page for further information.

Australian Wildlife Displays - excursions sydney parramatta

Centennial Parklands – Australian Wildlife Displays

Cute and cuddly or scary and scaly …

Join us for an amazing Wildlife Show and find out who lives in Oz!

The experienced rangers of Australian Wildlife Display will bring a range of animals from cute and cuddly to scaly and scary!

You will see them, hear their story, and maybe even touch them or have a photo taken with them!

The Wild Play Discover Centre, Centennial Park
Dates: 15th January 2020
Time:10.30am -11.30am and 12.30pm-13.30pm

What’s Included?

  • All activities fully risk assessed and led by the garden’s experienced Play Rangers

*Special Cancellation Fees apply to this activity. Please refer to our documentation page for further information.

James Craig Sydney Heritage Fleet - vacation care sydney melbourne

James Craig Sydney Heritage Fleet

Come aboard the James Craig – a majestic 1874 tall ship!

Barque James Craig is rightly famous around the world. She is Sydney’s only 19th Century square rigger (or Tall Ship) and her incredible restoration to full sailing condition was recognised in 2003 by the World Ship Trust’s award of their prestigious Maritime Medal. Her restoration cost almost $A30 million and took nearly 40 years to complete after she was rescued from Recherche Bay in far southern Tasmania.


  • A guided tour of the vessel
  • Learn about what is was like for the crew to sail a 19th century, square-rigged ship
  • Experience first-hand what life was like for the officers and sailors of a Tall Ship by participating in a range of age-relevant activities such as setting sails, simple navigation, swabbing decks and handling lines
  • This activity is flexible and can be tailored to individual needs!

Whats Included?

  • Spend 2hrs on-board the Tall Ship James Craig, the flagship of the Sydney Heritage Fleet
  • Activities are led by our Youth Program Supervisor and James Craig volunteers
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Ice Zoo - excursions sydney parramatta

Ice Zoo

The Coolest Spot In Town!

Ice Zoo is an ice rink with a difference, offering all the regular highlights of an ice rink, but with a focus on fun and entertainment. Children will learn the basics of ice skating from an accompanying expert and can be helped along by some little friends, “The Penguins”! For an extra $4 per child, Penguins can be hired for use as ‘training wheels’ for the younger children. Cool fun for everyone!


  • All inclusive packages available.
  • “Penguin” hire for the littlies.
  • What’s Included?
  • Skate hire
  • Bottle of water
  • 15 min group learn to skate lesson
  • 1 group host
  • FOC staff 1:10 accompanying children on ice
  • Minimum group 15 children
  • IMPORTANT NOTICE RELATING TO RISK AND LIABILITY FOR LOSS &/OR INJURY Patrons are advised that there is risk of injury and loss due to injury that might be sustained whilst using the skating rink. Patrons acknowledge this risk, freely accept this risk, forever release and hold harmless ICEZOO in relation to any injury or loss that might be sustained.
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Kicks Tenpin and Arcade - incursions sydney parramatta

Kicks Tenpin and Arcade

Kicks Tenpin Features 7 lanes of Tenpin bowling with an 80’s- 90’s disco feel for the ultimate bowling experience.

The Arcade features several state-of-the-art arcade games, along with some unforgettable classics such as Space Invaders, The Walking Dead, and Twin Moto GP. The ultimate arcade experience will be the XD Dark Ride, a multi-sensory interactive attraction that is virtual reality at its world-class best.


  • Tenpin Bowling
  • Arcade Games
  • XD Theatre Ride

What’s Included

  • Includes Party Room with Jukebox & Karaoke for children to have lunch
  • Optional Lunch package available
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Kids Love to Cook Parramatta - excursions sydney parramatta

Kids Love to Cook Parramatta

Hands on Cooking School in Parramatta

Kids Love to Cook is a cooking school centrally located in Parramatta.
Providing hands-on workshops, specifically designed for Primary School aged children from Kindergarten to Year 6.


  • Children get hands-on in a practical cooking workshop with a menu that you can choose
  • The presenter demonstrates the recipe, then walks the students through the recipe in a step by step process
  • Safety practises, skill development and tasting skills are covered in this workshop

What’s Included?

  • 90 minute cooking workshop
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

KingPin - vacation care sydney melbourne


Ten Pin Bowling fun plus lots more!

NSW – Darling Harbour / North Strathfield / Macarthur Square
QLD – Chermside

With a 20 lane state of the art bowling alley, Laser Tag arena and a great collect of Arcade Games, KingPin is full of action. Kids will have no time for cries of “I’m bored”, as they spend their time challenging friends and having non-stop fun.


  • Practise and polish your Ten Pin Bowling skills
  • Battle it out in the adrenaline-pumping Laser Skirmish arena
  • Challenge friends to an epic car race, air hockey play off, plus lots more in the awesome Games Arcade

What’s Included?

  • 1 x game of bowling
  • 1 x game of laser tag
  • 30 mins of arcade games

Luna Park - vacation care sydney melbourne

Luna Park – Just for Fun!

An amusement park set right on the shores of spectacular Sydney Harbour – what’s not to love? Offering two great packages of unlimited rides or ‘mini’ Luna Park, children will have a full day of fun and even see the city sites from atop the giant ferris wheel.


  • Loads of fun rides
  • 40 metre high ferris wheel
  • Best vantage points for uninterrupted views of all that Sydney has to offer

What’s Included?

  • Two packages to choose from – Unlimited Rides or Mini Luna Park
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Important – Attendance Form (available via the documentation page) must be taken to Luna Park to be signed and stamped at the box office.

It is your responsibility to scan this form back to Fun Day Out after the event.

Lollipop’s Playland & Underworld Laser Menai - vacation care sydney melbourne

Lollipop’s Playland & Underworld Laser Menai

Non Stop Fun All the Time!

Lollipop’s indoor kids’ playcentre in Menai offers a fun experience for everyone!

Your kids can let their imaginations run wild at Lollipops’ indoor play centre as they offer something to engage every child.


  • Giant Slides
  • Bouncy Castles
  • Tea Cup Ride
  • Huge Climbing Structure
  • 8 metre high rock wall

What’s Included?

  • Hours of fun
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Want more? Add on Laser Tag!

Underworld Laser Menai!

Interactive playing arena and state of the art equipment takes the game of laser tag to a new and exciting level.

The Great Moscow Circus Extreme - incursions sydney parramatta

The Great Moscow Circus Extreme

The Great Moscow Circus are back with an all new extreme show!
Featuring Australia’s top trial riders, “The Flair Riders”. Extreme High Wire and the worlds best dare devil motorcycle Cage Riders. Breathtaking Aerial performances and much much more. A circus not to be missed.

Darwin, Northern Territory


  • Superhuman Stunts, cute ponies
  • Hilarious clowns, sensational acrobats
  • Daredevil tricksters, elaborate costumes

What’s Included?

  • Big Top tent is fully air-conditioned and has individual seating
  • Toilets and wheelchair accessibility on site
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Stardust Circus - incursions sydney warrawong

Stardust Circus

Australia’s Largest Animal Circus is Here!

Stardust Circus is renowned for their exciting traditional circus show. Featuring performing animals, hilarious clowns and skilled acrobats, this fast-paced show will delight children young and old.

Show Dates: TBA for Spring Holidays
11am Performances


  • Performing lions, horses, monkeys, dogs, goats and even pigs!
  • Acrobatics and comedy
  • Flying trapeze and even a 12-person teeter board act

What’s Included?

  • 2 full hours of circus fun
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Monster Skate - incursions sydney parramatta

Monster Skate Park Incursion

Pump up the tunes and get skating!

Skateboarders and scooters riders can test their skills on an outdoor vert and mini ramps. Whether they are new to the sport or want to test their limits, this is a day of fun for all children.


  • Fun Sport in pumping atmosphere
  • Children can choose Skateboards or Scooters
  • 2 hours of instruction and free play

What’s Included?

  • Instruction from qualified coaches
  • All equipment brought to your centre (jumps, ramps, all safety gear)
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Warehouse 11 NinjaWorx - incursions sydney artarmon

Warehouse 11 – NinjaWorx

At Ninjaworx the obstacle course is designed to test your skills, endurance and stamina and of course have a heap of fun. They have a number of obstacles that regularly change that make up the training and competition course.

This Ninjaworx course is designed to cater for the complete beginner through to Pro Ninja and for ages from 5yo and up and is inspired by the hit TV show American Ninja Warrior! Their focus is to create an environment that educates, encourages and inspires!


  • Floating steps
  • Log hold
  • Spider jump/wall
  • Cargo net
  • Salmon Ladder
  • Balance Beam run

What’s Included?

  • Instruction from a qualified coach before they start
  • Certified and accredited coaches
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Ninja 101 - incursions sydney prospect park

Ninja 101

Train, Play, Conquer

With over 22 obstacles to overcome, 3 levels warped wall to conquer and Sydney’s ONLY 2 Ninja Obstacle Inflatable Courses. Located in Futsal Institute, the homeland of indoor soccer, they also offer soccer courts with instructors to facilitate games!


  • 2 inflatable ninja courses
    Ninja 22 obstacle course
  • Warped wall
  • Basketball slam dunk trampoline

Soccer games

Whats Included?

  • Ninja packed fun
  • Complementary zooper dooper for each child
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Package Options*

  • 1.5hrs of playtime
  • 2hrs of playtime
  • 2.5hrs of playtime

*If you would like to have lunch at the venue, the time will be deducted from your playtime.
ie a 2hr session with a 30min lunch break will give you 1.5hrs of play time

Note: Grip socks are required on some obstacles. However shoes can be worn if children do not have any, or alternatively a pair can be purchased at the venue.

Our Big Kitchen - incursions sydney bondi

Our Big Kitchen

Where the Greatest Ingredient is Love!

A fantastic day out where the children will not only learn about cooking and healthy eating habits, they will be able to experience the joy in helping someone not as fortunate as themselves.

Our big kitchen is a kosher certified HACCP approved industrial kitchen located at The Yeshiva Centre in Bondi. OBK is a registered charity and last year produced 80,000 meals to support disadvantaged Australians. It is a community kitchen designed to help those in need.


  • Children experience volunteer work and see how OBK help others in our community
  • Children will learn that they can have fun while helping others
  • Find out where the food children prepare will go

What’s Included?

  • Your choice of a 1.5hr or 3hr workshop options
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Oz Funland - vacation care sydney melbourne

Oz Funland

Follow the yellow brick road to an unforgettable time of adventure, fun & discovery!

Explore an interactive world that pays homage to Frank Baum’s classic Oz stories. Children can walk through Munchkinland, Cornfield, Forest & Emerald City as the story magically unfolds around them in a Sound & Light show with special effects, character voices, lasers & falling snow! They can also enjoy lots of play, games, challenges and oz-some activities – all hosted in this safe indoor event, education & entertainment centre.


  • Oz themed Mini Golf
  • Face Painting/Playmaze/Jumping Castle
  • Interactive Games and Challenges
  • Wizard of Oz Sound and Light Show
  • Glow-in-the-dark Disco & Karaoke Arena

What’s Included?

  • 3 full hours of fun!
  • Fully hosted program by Oz staff
  • Air conditioned, fully enclosed venue
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Optional Extras*

Lunch Package Available

*additional charges apply

Q Station

Hands-On History!

Explore the wonder and rich heritage of this unique site offering stunning views, history, stories and fun! Learn what life was like 100 years ago in this interactive walking tour featuring games, hospital tour and nature sculptures on the beach. Top off the morning with a picnic lunch on the beautiful grounds of Q Station.

Tours operate on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays


  • Visit historical buildings
  • Get hands-on with the Hospital Interactive tour
  • Children will make their mark in clay and take home inscriptions
  • Experience class differences in the steam ship Niagara
  • Learn what life was like 100 years ago
  • Play games that the children played 100 years ago
  • Bring a picnic lunch

What’s Included?

  • 1.5-2 hour walking tour
  • Own experienced tour guide
  • Backpack storage available
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Sailability Penrith Lakes - vacation care sydney melbourne

Sailability – Penrith Lakes

Sailing for all Ages and Abilities!

Experience the freedom, pride and sense of achievement of learning to sail your own boat! This non-profit organisation is dedicated to providing sailing access to all. They have unsinkable, all-access dinghies which are incredibly stable and responsive, making them easy for anyone to skipper.


  • Sail your own boat
  • Easy joystick steering
  • Access dinghies available for those with a disability

What’s Included?

  • Use of sailing equipment for the session
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Stomping Ground - incursions sydney brookvale

Stomping Ground

Lots of fun and laughter at this venue that utilises the latest technology and combined it with old school games!
Open play sessions offer all the thrills and entertainment children expect in vacation care.


  • Giant Obstacle Course
  • Gladiator Duel
  • Virtual Reality Wall
  • Horizontal Bungee
  • Interactive Floor
  • Foosball & Air Hockey
  • Playstation Virtual Reality

What’s Included

  • 2 hours of unlimited fun
  • Exclusive use of venue for 50+ children
  • Able to stay at venue to have your own lunch after your session

The Greens Barefoot Bowls - vacation care sydney melbourne

The Greens – Barefoot Bowls

A Traditional Sport with a Twist!

What better way to enjoy a day than kick off your shoes and try a game or two!

Bowls is inexpensive and fun for people of all ages.The basics are easily learnt in 15 mins and children can be competing against their friends in no time.

North Sydney Club is the 2nd oldest in NSW. Founded on 25th April 1888 in St Leonard’s Park, North Sydney and after many renovations and changes it still has that amazing view!
Operates on Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Friday


  • Simple, outdoor fun
  • Learn how to play this traditional game with friends

What’s included

  • Supervised games of bowls including all equipment
  • Indoor activities included if weather unkind
  • Includes lunch – Plenty of choice, Cheeseburger, Chicken Skewers or Fish -all served with chips & salad.

Vision Gymsports - incursions sydney windsor

Vision Gymsports

Release the Gym Warrior in you!

2000m2 filled with Gymnastics apparatus, air floors, tumble track, trampolines, double mini trampoline, huge foam pit, ninja zone, tramp wall, and sprung floor.

This program will challenge the children to run, jump, climb and swing their way through obstacle courses to the cheers and high fives of their friends!


  • Recreational Gymsports on traditional apparatus
  • Trampolines, tramp wall and foam pit
  • Ninja Zone

Whats Included?

  • 3hrs of gym packed fun
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

World Ju Jitsu - vacation care sydney melbourne

World Ju Jitsu

World Ju Jitsu Ninja Warriors

Lots of fun and laughter in this high-energy circuit, vacation care games and Ju Jitsu Ninja Warrior workshops!

Games and Circuits are played using cones, balls, tags, hoops, mixed with a lot of running and laughter.
Games are safely designed and planned so that all the children feel encouraged to give it a go and participate, even for the most shy and inactive kids.


  • Team based ball games (modified tag, dodge ball, capture the ball, etc)
  • Circuit games
  • Ju Jitsu Self defence
  • Fun, high energy
  • Suited to children of all ages
  • Have fun whilst learning new skills
  • Children learn Leadership, sportsmanship, teamwork and communication skills

What’s Included?

  • World Ju Jitsu Staff will encourage all kids to participation with a wide variety of games ensuring no one is left out.
  • All attending Ninja Warriors will receive their own-signed Self Defence Certificate and medal for taking part!

Full compliance verification and documentation

Incursion Option also Available!

YMCA Penrith Recreation Centre - vacation care sydney melbourne

YMCA Penrith Recreation Centre

YMCA Action Break!

Get your kids away from screens these holidays! Be active, jump around and have FUN!

YMCA ACTION Break School Holiday activities & programs are an opportunity for children to grow and learn from new experiences.


  • Ninja Gym
  • Rock Climbing
  • Parkour

What’s Included

  • Option of 2hrs or 4hrs of gym packed fun!
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Our Big Kitchen - vacation care sydney melbourne

Our Big Kitchen – School Activity

Experience the Gift of Giving

A rewarding day out where students will not only learn of and gain an understanding of cooking and healthy eating habits, but they will be able to experience the joy of helping those less fortunate than themselves.

At Our Big Kitchen their primary school programs are designed to teach the children about OBK and how they help the community. The children also partake in a craft activity making cards for someone in need, cookie baking, and the excursion also includes lunch.

Our Big Kitchen is a kosher certified HACCP approved industrial kitchen located at The Yeshiva Centre in Bondi.


  • Experience volunteer work and see how we help others in our community
  • Craft Activity
  • Children will learn that they can have fun while helping others

What’s Included?

  • Lunch provided
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Thread Together Future Leaders - vacation care sydney melbourne

Thread Together Future Leaders

A Fun Day Out with a Difference!

Thread Together has a simple goal: To deliver quality clothing and shoes to those in the community who are doing it tough. Clothing not only protects us from the elements, but helps shape our confidence, dignity and motivation – and that has the power to turn lives around. Thread Together was born from the belief that access to clothing could create brighter futures for those doing it tough and is the only charity in Australia with the sole purpose being the provision of brand new clothes, for free, to people in need.

Designed to help grow the next generation of empathetic leaders, Thread Together invites schools to bring their students to the Thread Together warehouse and Community Centre for an excursion or vacation care leadership workshop and clothes sorting activity.

Being involved in charitable work helps children to understand their own privilege, and the responsibility it brings. It demonstrates that showing compassion for others makes them a better and stronger leader that people will want to support. The result is a powerful boost in self-esteem to realise they have the power to be a leader and make difference in someone’s life.

Program inclusions:

  • Welcome and introduction to Thread Together
  • Leadership Workshop
  • Representative from Thread Together or partner organisation to explain the benefit of their work done that day
  • Clothes sorting
  • Morning tea or afternoon tea depending on excursion time.

Archie Brothers – vacation care sydney melbourne

Archie Brothers – Cirque Electriq


Archie Brothers – Cirque Electriq gives the excitement of arcades a new life! Run yourself ragged around their arcade and activities – dodgems, bowling and more…

NSW: Alexandria
VIC: Docklands
QLD: Toombul


  • Arcade Games Galore!
  • Ten pin bowling
  • Bumper Cars
  • XD Theatre
  • Target Practice (only at Alexandria)
  • Spy School – Laser Tag (only at Alexandria)
  • Laser Tag Frightmare (only at Alexandria)

What’s Included?

  • So much vacation care fun for a very special price, exclusive to Fun Day Out!
  • Unlimited either 1 or 2 hour package
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee/Water for OOSH Staff
  • Space for Lunch where children bring and eat their own lunch on premises
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Strike Bowling - incursions sydney parramatta

Strike Bowling

Not your average ten pin bowling
NSW: Chatswood, Moore Park, King Street Wharf, Macquarie Centre
QLD: Wintergarden
VIC: Bayside, Century City Walk, Highpoint, Melbourne Central, QV


  • Bowling: Each Strike location has several ten pin bowling alleys, where you can play a traditional game of ten pin bowling. Bowling alleys have screens that play the latest video clips creating a party atmosphere and keep you rocking between turns.
  • Laser: Each arena features state-of-the-art laser technology, individual soundscapes, amazing props and easy to use weapons. All this creates an adrenaline-packed experience that will blow your mind! (at selected venues)

What’s Included?

  • So much vacation care fun for a very special package, exclusive to Fun Day Out!
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee/Water for OOSH Staff
  • Shoe hire
  • Space for Lunch where children bring and eat their own lunch on premises
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Holey Moley - vacation care sydney melbourne

Holey Moley

Holey Moley Golf Club, Strike Bowling and Laser!
NSW – Castle Hill / North Strathfield / Newtown / Charlestown / Wollongong
QLD – Surfers Paradise / Fortitude Valley
WA – Northbridge / Cannington

Holey Moley is Australia’s most unique mini golf venue, delivering a vacation care adventure kids will remember for the rest of their lives.

Forget the usual windmills and castles, at Holey Moley you will experience the craziest mini golf courses you have ever seen.

Each hole will keep you wanting more.

In addition to this there are eight Bowling lanes and Laser Tag.


  • Putt Putt Golf
  • Bowling
  • Laser Tag (Charlestown only)

What’s Included?

  • So much vacation care fun for a very special package, exclusive to Fun Day Out!
  • Several package options to choose from:
  • 9 holes of Golf
  • 18 holes of Golf
  • 1 game of Bowling
  • 9 holes of Golf + 1 game of Bowling
  • 1 game of Laser Tag (Charlestown only)
  • 1 game of Bowling+9 holes of Golf+1 game of Laser (Charlestown ony)
  • Space for Lunch where children bring and eat their own lunch on premises – on request.
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

Sky Zone - vacation care sydney melbourne

Sky Zone

Sky Zone takes vacation care fun to another level

– Alexandria, NSW – Miranda, NSW – Macgregor, QLD –
With more than 117 interconnected trampolines that let you literally bounce off the walls. The Stratosphere will take care of all your anti-gravity needs! Flip into The Pit or test your Sky Slam skills. This is where you learn to fly. Jump from trampoline to trampoline with your mates, get a feel for anti-gravity and teach yourself to soar. A good place to learn the basic skills of Sky Zone.

Clamber your way through the best and safest climbing walls and challenge yourself and your friends to come out on top

Clip on your safety harness, start climbing, scale the skies. Whether you’re just learning the ropes or a hero of heights, SkyZone has the fun covered!


  • Stratosphere
  • Sky Climb (Alexandria, Miranda, Macgregor)
  • The Pit
  • Dodgeball
  • Climb Wall
  • Enduro Warrior Course (Alexandria and Miranda only)
  • Skyland Laser (Macgregor only)

What’s Included?

  • So much fun for a very special package, exclusive to Fun Day Out!
  • Complimentary Tea/Coffee/Water for OOSH Staff
  • Jump socks (usually $2pp)
  • Space for Lunch where children bring and eat their own lunch on premises
  • Full compliance verification and documentation