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Feathered Friends


  • The shows presenters engage and educate the audience with humour and fun facts
  • The highly educational content of the show includes learning about bird anatomy, behaviour, habitats and ecosystems
  • Learning has never been more fun and exciting than with our feathered friends flying around the room during the show!

WILD Rover – Australian Wildlife Sanctuary

Can’t make it to the Sanctuary? That’s ok! We can bring the Sanctuary to you!

Using our WILD Rover, our educators will bring a range of Australian animals to you.

Our presentations are Australian Curriculum linked and our educators present on a range of topics linked to your current classroom curriculum focus.


  • Our WILD Rover presentations bring your centre to life, with kids encouraged to engage and interact, helping to achieve positive learning outcomes to children of all ages
  • Get up close and personal with wildlife as they learn about their adaptations, diet, habits, and conservation efforts

Radical Reptiles – Raptor Reptiles

They believe that the younger generation is the future and by connecting them with amazing flora and fauna, Raptor Reptiles hope to capture and nurture Kids passion for wildlife and conservation.

The Raptor Reptiles team know how to educate kids, get them to have fun and keep them safe! They are passionate and dedicated, offering fascinating insights into the lives of our spectacular wildlife with which we share our natural world.


  • Hands on participation – kids will have the opportunity to touch animals
  • Learn about our animal’s natural history and unique traits
  • Educational and Entertaining
  • Presentations tailored to the age of children
  • Nurture Kids passion for wildlife and conservation
  • Over 10 years’ experience in reptile care, education, and conservation

Amazing Anatomy! – Raptor Reptilies

Get up close and personal with the bones and bits of real animals from around the world.

With a focus on comparative anatomy, this awe-inspiring experience will give you a new appreciation for both the living and the dead!

Raptor Reptiles know how to educate kids, get them to have fun and keep them safe! They are passionate and dedicated, offering fascinating insights into the
lives of our spectacular wildlife with which we share our natural world.


  • Learn about our animal’s natural history and unique traits
  • Educational and Entertaining
  • Presentations tailored to the age of children
  • Nurture Kids passion for wildlife and conservation
  • Over 10 years’ experience in reptile care, education, and conservation

African Percussion

Africa is one of the most culturally rich and diverse continents on Earth.


  • How to produce the 3 main tones needed to play the rhythms
  • Establishing primary rhythms
  • Exploring cross rhythms
  • Techniques to improve improvisation

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence is an Incursion program that introduces students to the key scientific & technological concepts of Artificial Intelligence using highly engaging cutting edge applications of A.I.

Students learn about Artificial Intelligence, with a focus on computer vision, via a variety of experiential interactions with the technology including object detection, human pose estimation, the deployment of Autonomous Self Driving Robotic Cars and interacting with the latest cutting edge in A.I. powered quadruped robotic dog.

The incursion also covers the impact of A.I. on art via image and video generation, with a focus on the applications and critical thinking changes needed in a world of Deepfake misinformation.

Please note that this incursion is not coding or robotics, but an introduction to the technology of Artificial Intelligence. the purpose is to spark student interest in A.I. as a result of this incursion.


  • To understand what Artificial Intelligence is and what it is capable of
  • To learn about the technology and how it works
  • To learn about how it can be applied and the changes that it may make to our lives in the near future
  • To implement A.I. for object detection, to deploy Autonomous Robotic Cars on a driving track
  • To interact with the latest in A.I. powered robotic technology.
  • To brainstorm future applications for the technology and discuss kid’s thoughts on the technology

Japanese Experience – Wasabi Kid

This experience is designed for children to understand and be aware of cultural differences in the world and encourage them to experience the Japanese culture whilst having fun.


  • Japanese Language
  • Hearing the Taiko Drums
  • Seasonal Slide
  • Cultural Props

Indigenous Cultural Experience – Bombora Tours

She has a wealth of knowledge about Aboriginal culture, history and heritage from her family and community.

Let Kirra share her ancient knowledge of Bush Tucker, Bush Medicine, Dreamtime Stories, relationships with our Native Animals and Plants.

Students will be engaged whilst learning about the oldest surviving culture on the planet!


  • Learn about our native grasses, fruits, tubers and berries and their incredible nutritional and medicinal use
  • Taste in season fruits and berries straight from your own school playground
  • Hear Dreamtime Stories about the origins of our Native Plants and Animals
  • Touch and feel Indigenous Artifacts such as: animal skins, emu eggs, bones, shells and stones

Eco Warrior – Grant Hyde

Did you know that 19.7% of Australia’s land is protected?

Everyone has a role to play in protecting the land and our plants and animals that live there.

Grant and Nelson will help children understand the importance of conservation, habitat, adaption, pollution, and sustainability.

Learn about and taste native plants from along Sydney’s coastline and how they keep out city healthy and safe. Checkout your playground for who and what lives there.

Along the way children will also learn about man’s best. Nelson will teach kids how man domesticated the wolf who soon became our most loyal, protective and loving friend!


  • Develop knowledge about sustainability and the environment
  • Engage and motivate children
  • Hands on fun activities

Emu Dreaming – Rick Roser

 An Authentic indigenous experience with a hands-on approach to learning.

Rick Roser will present an Aboriginal workshop, sharing traditional culture using authentic materials, like ochre paint, fire sticks, emu feathers and more.


  • Children will try using a boomerang
  • Children will have their hands and faces painted with Ochre
  • Children will make and keep Emu Feather hair decorations
  • Everyone will have a turn using the Aboriginal fire sticks

Inflatables and Obstacle Courses

Then look no further than our complete range of inflatable activities available for hire.

Utilising some of the best suppliers in the business, Fun Day Out offers an extensive range of not just inflatables, but all the extras such as popcorn machines, fairy floss makers, snow cones, slushies, juke boxes and bubble machines as well.

From your run of the mill jumping castles to giant slides, obstacle courses and water slides and even a disco dome complete with lights and music.


  • Jumping castles
  • Giant slides
  • Obstacle courses
  • Water slides
  • Popcorn machines, fairy floss makers, snow cones & slushies
  • Jukeboxes

Go Kart Racing

All you need to provide is the venue and the drivers we will take care of the fun.

All that is required is a flat level surface of 15m x 15m. (Direct van access is required to the location of the go kart set up area)

Suitable for kids between 4-11 years of age, the go karts can be used both indoors and outdoors.


  • Trained staff will debrief the drivers with safety pre-racing instructions before they start
  • All karts have a remote shut off which allows us to stop the karts instantly

Mobile Laser Tag

Inflatable walls and bunkers will transform your sports oval or school yard into an exciting and lifelike gaming arena!


  • Safe and fun activity for all ages and fitness levels
  • Children learn to work as a team while having loads of fun
  • Promotes gross motor skills and an active lifestyle
  • Caters for all different skill levels, making it a fantastic game for all ages

Nerf Wars

If you are looking for a great way to entertain your kids in the holidays why not try a NERF WAR incursion, where teams go head to head in a series of challenges.

Teams go head-to-head in a series of challenges that test their speed, accuracy, and ability to plan strategies in this ultimate Nerf Wars battle!


  • Kids learn to work as a team while having loads of fun
  • Promotes gross motor skills and an active lifestyle
  • Reduces stress and releases a whole bunch of built-up energy
  • Fully supervised

Silent Disco Glow Party – Spin Joy

With multiple music channels available there is something for everyone.

Also each headset can be individually adjusted so kids can set their own safe music volume.


  • Rocking playlist
  • Child friendly songs
  • Epic dance moves
  • Headphones
  • Fun games
  • Glow performance
  • Ultimate fun for all ages!

Illuminata Circus Dance Party

Get inspired while watching an incredible illuminated Circus Show before experiencing a whole spectrum of skills on this light-up Circus Circuit.

Then it is your turn to create amazing rainbow trails of glow in the dark colours with L.E.D. poi, glowing juggling balls, phosphorescent hula hoops
and other exciting circus props.


  • A mesmerising a colourful rainbow show
  • Heidi gets all the kids involved as together they enjoy all the fun of the circus.

Boomerangs and Bullroarers – Nick the Stockman

This will require an oval, park, or field for your kids to participate in this ancient practice.

Indigenous stockmen brought unique skills to the outback. Hear stories about huge cattle stations, blistering hot shearing sheds and how stockmen such as Jim Tjungurrayi, helped open up our country.

Nick will give kids an insight to a number of aboriginal hunting weapons and what they were used for.

Plus, each child will be given the opportunity to decorate and assemble their very own Bullroarer to take home – the original Australian mobile phone, think Crocodile Dundee calling Ernie Dingo!


  • Learn to throw a Boomerang
  • Children will decorate and assemble their very own Bullroarer to take home

Big Chemistry Show – Jollybops Science

Through a series of Chemistry experiments water changes to wine; Liquid Nitrogen liquefies air and even elephant’s toothpaste shoots to the ceiling all in the name of Chemistry.

Concepts covered include Chemical reactions, Energy Changes, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Atoms, Physical versus Chemical Changes & properties of materials.


  • Learn about Chemical reactions, Energy Changes, Solids, Liquids and Gases, Atoms, Physical versus Chemical Changes & properties of materials.
  • Children and educators alike will be impressed by this dynamic show

Royal Flying Doctor Flight Simulator

This flight simulator comes to your centre for an action-packed session of learning and working as a team. This is a fantastic experience not to be missed!


  • A fully equipped flight simulator with stretchers, communications, oxygen, suction and other equipment used by our everyday heroes – the doctors, nurses
    and pilots of the Royal Flying Doctor Service
  • Hear inspiring stories
  • Learn how to land a plane and rescue a patient!
  • Gain intercultural understanding about Aussie kids in remote communities
  • Learn critical and creative thinking

Balloon Art & Magic Show – Magic Pete

The Balloon workshop is a fun-filled learning extravaganza where kids learn five fantastic balloon creations and at the end the kids get to take them all home!


  • Fun and educational
  • Teaches kids creativity, hand-eye coordination and how to follow steps to achieve a magical conclusion
  • Kids will learn five balloon creation and take them home

Beyblade Tournament

With a huge selection of Beyblade arena’s, 30+ Beyblades and Beyblade launchers get ready for the ULTIMATE Beyblade battle!


  • Over 30 different Beyblade Bursts
  • Multiple Battle Arena’s
  • Engraved Medal for the Final Winner

Bubble & Squeak


  • A short show using Balloons, Bubbles and Magic.
  • Plus an interactive workshop on twisting balloons with your very own hands, to then going outside and making bubbles of every size.

Cartooning Workshop – Success Kidz

From developing fine motor skills to supporting self-esteem and problem-solving abilities, cartooning has serious perks for children.

Join Success Kidz in this fun and interactive workshop as we explore the art of cartooning. With clear visual examples, step-by-step exercises and drawing activities designed to get kids to doodle their way to greatness.

This enjoyable workshop is designed for children of all ages and will appeal to cartoonists of all levels of ability. It’s the most fun kids can have sitting down!


  • Discover how to doodle
  • Learn how to create characters
  • Turn shapes to pictures
  • Create funny figures
  • Toon games and more!

Dragon Tao Kung Fu

Dragon Tao Kids Kung Fu teach children the skills of discipline, mindfulness and self-defense. Not only this, but they also learn how to relax, focus better, build self confidence, and improve health, which we all know is of great benefit to children.


  • Active fun
  • Learn self-defense, coordination and focus
  • Safety first – All kicks and punches are done on pads

Fliptastic Gymnastics Incursion – Fit n Fun Academy

Highly qualified instructors will demonstrate how to use each apparatus before children are split into smaller groups to complete a circuit.

The Circuit includes balance beams, a mini trampoline, bars, a 12 metre Air Track and a variety of other equipment all brought to you! Gymnastics assists in building the foundation for strong, active and confident kids!


  • Teaches hand-eye coordination
  • Balance & strength
  • Have fun while building confidence

Groove Nation


  • Intro/Warm Up: A high intensity, engaging start to set the tone!
  • Hip Hop: Hear of a Helicopter, Baby Freeze of Spongebob? Well your kids will be familiar with some of these exciting hiphop tricks after this funky session.
  • Movement & Drama: Groove Nation incorporates drama games with movement to help explore various emotions and nurture creativity.
  • Dance Fitness/Games: This component has a jam-packed party atmosphere (inspired by modern & Latin American beats).
  • Stretch & Rewards: A calm finish to end where Groove Nation works on flexibility and hand out student rewards.
  • Gain fundamental movement skills (as featured in the school curriculum)

Ultimate Face Painting & Tattoo Kit

Always a hit with the kids!  Face Paint, Tattoos and Glitter!

Create colourful and sparkly designs with our Ultimate Face Painting and Glitter Tattoo Kit.  Even a complete novice can use these products to great effect.

This is the same brand used by professional face painters. These products are not available in your local discount or craft store.

Kit Includes:

– 1 x Palette – 12 10g colours
(white, black, yellow, orange, red pink, light green, green light blue royal blue, purple and brown)
– 1 x Rainbow one- stroke multi-coloured cake
– 2 x Chunky Glitter Gels (different colours)
– 5 x 12g bottles of ultra-fine cosmetic glitter (variety of colours)
– 50 x vinyl single use stencil tattoos (random selection of designs)
– 1 x 8ml cosmetic glue with applicator
– 1 x Flat brush – perfect size for one stroke painting
– 1 x Medium round brush
– 1 x Small round brush
– 1 x Sweeper brush
– 1 x 12 x half round face paint sponges
– 1 x Water Mist Bottle
– PLUS full instructions