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Boomerang & Spear

Rick Roser

Brisbane & Surrounds

Boomerang throwing is a popular activity with Aboriginal groups in many parts of Australia. While the fighting and hunting boomerang was never used as a toy, the returning boomerang was often constructed solely and especially for purposes of sport and amusement.

During this unique experience children will have the opportunity to learn and engage in an authentic game that promotes understanding of the cultural heritage of Australian Aboriginal people. This game may appear simple however children will soon realise the many aspects that affect the Boomerang throw, including the strength of the wind. Children will learn that like spear throwing, the forces on the boomerang include applied force to launch the boomerang and aerodynamic force that returns it to the ground or hand.


  • Children will learn how to correctly handle and throw a Boomerang safely
  • Gain an understanding of Aboriginal culture and tradition and the tools they used
  • Enhance hand eye coordination and cognitive skills through persistence of learning a new game
  • Multiple winners in each game

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