Christmas with Earthbeats

Earthbeats Australia Day

A Cool Collection of Australian and Indigenous songs, dances and music games, this is a great Australia Day workshop.
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Earthbeats - vacation care Sydney Melbourne
With fun and learning as the focus, Earthbeats creates an interactive and happy musical experience. Full of wonderful surprises, a love of music and a happy presence.
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Dr Hubble’s Bubbles

One big bubble blown from the hand unites the children as an audience and brings them into a state of wonder. 
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Bollywood Dance

Bollywood Dance - kids entertainment sydney melbourne dance children incursions
An enriching cultural experience taught through the enchanting rhythm of Bollywood dance
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The Christmas Dilemma

Get ready for a laughter filled show where the Christmas Elf struggles to stay nice and keep his magic.
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Adventure Quest

Adventure Quest is an interactive show that follows similar principles while combining music, storytelling, drama. Children actively participate as a team to develop a story from choices at key moments and create and act out dramatic scenes.
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