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Silent Battling DJ’s

Sydney & Surrounds

Ultimate blast of fun for all ages!

Get ready to dance your heart out at the most exciting and energetic incursion around, where noise is nowhere to be found!

Enter a world of mind-blowing high-tech DJ equipment and witness the magic of its setup and installation.

Kids will be provided with super cool wireless headphones that make the music sound absolutely amazing!  With not one but two music channels to choose from, kids will witness two DJ’s go head-to-head in an epic DJ battle.

Be prepared to bust out your best dance moves and watch in awe as dazzling LED lights put on a mesmerizing show!

It’s time to move, groove and let loose to the most epic playlist ever created!


  • Warm up and find your rhythm
  • Enjoy age appropriate music selections
  • Witness epic dance moves
  • Marvel at a LED light performance
  • Embark on a journey through the art and history of turntablism
  • Experience the thrill of a DJ battle!

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