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Wick’d Candles & DIY Kits

Canberra, Sydney & Surrounds

Children will create two unique wax candles using coloured beads and will have the opportunity to decorate their glass jars using supplied materials.

Once the candle is made – the candle is taken home where it can be lit (by a parent) and the wax beads melt down to a liquid state at this point.
When it is extinguished, the wax solidifies creating a solid top to the candle.


  • Method does not involve any melting or hot wax
  • Children will make 2 jar candles to take home
  • Children will decorate their glass jars using stickers, bling, labels and tags
  • Learn the art of layering coloured wax beads to create their unique candles

What's Included?

DIY Candle Making Kit

DIY NAIDOC Candle Making Kit

DIY Advanced Candle Making Kit

DIY Soap Making Kit

DIY Bath Fizzy Kit

DIY Christmas Candle Making Kit

DIY Christmas Bulb Decorating Kit

DIY Christmas Plaster Painting Kit

Facilitator Profile

Rated 5.0 out of 5
The candle making workshop was amazing, the kids who attended loved it!!! We will definitely look at locking this in again for one of our Hubertus Kids Clubs in the near future
Shakilah Saba
Blacktown Workers Club Group

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