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Additional Kids Activities For Less Screen Time

Additional Kids Activities For Less Screen Time

This period of pandemic, everyone wants to find additional kids activities that could  mean less screen time for children. This is because we recognise its harmful effects not just for their eyes but for their well-being as a whole. A child needs a myriad of things beneficial to their health. Things like a healthy diet, enough rest, plenty of exercise, this specifically for children who are naturally full of energy, fresh air and a healthy dose of sunshine to strengthen their immunity. 


Keeping the children busy and active is key for them to grow more into themselves and learn more things about their bodies and surroundings. It is a chance to develop more physically, mentally and emotionally. The lack of the usual clubs and open activities that used to shape our youth have been regulated. They cannot meet up with friends for a game of catch, or practice their keyboard pieces and collaborate and start a garage band. If this is overlooked altogether and no extra nor co-curricular provisions are put in its place, then indeed, the time spent would be a great shame.

Additional Kids Activities For Less Screen Time1Thankfully, there are out of school hours (OOSH) programs that could compensate for the time allotted for unstructured play. Fun Day Out is one such provider of exclusive group activities, a full event management service from discussing your needs, sign up to clean up after the event that cater to Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Perth. We have a myriad of incursion and excursion activities, school holiday activities and after school care additional kids activities  that will fit your needs. We take your safety seriously and have taken necessary precautions and safety protocols. These precautions are also included in the agreements with our partners and providers. We are your one point of contact so we do the research, secure the compliance certificates and the bargaining needed to get the most budget-friendly prices. 


Learn more about Artificial Intelligence and how computer vision works. Get involved in workshops of future applications of the technology and brainstorm its potential impact to our daily lives. One of our upcoming programs is Bike n’ Blend. Using physical energy to pedal your way to consuming delicious smoothies. Australia Warrior Fitness is the best Ninja training facility with a huge variety of obstacles and services. 


These and more await our participants. We have more than 120 activities with partner venues and providers to choose from. We will manage the research to booking and invoicing and handling the event. You can be assured of quality and value for your money. Let us help you create moments to remember.