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All in the Family at Canoelands Orchards

It’s easy to see why kids love their visits to Canoelands Orchard.

Not only is there an abundance of experiential experiences ranging from bee presentations to tractor rides, fruit picking to animal petting; it’s the love and care given by the Christie family that makes a visit unforgettable.

Now in it’s 3rd generation, the Christies are as passionate as ever about creating quality farm produce and making ‘farm life” accessible to everyone.

As co-owner Jamie explains, “We want everyone to know more about where their food comes from. To have the opportunity to eat fruit straight from the trees and taste the difference. Children particularly are always amazed by the flavour.”

Seasonal fruits include nectarine, peaches and plums as well as blueberries, tomatoes, passion fruit, persimmon and the occasional veggie crop.

A visit to canoe lands in not only fun but educational. Children will see first hand what it takes to get food to their plate. They’ll learn about how it’s grow and how it’s cared for.

The 100 acre orchid was originally purchased by John Cecil Christie in 1923. He cleared 25 acres by hand and planted passion fruit, oranges and lemons during the depression. There’s little doubt that Christie Snr would be extremely proud of what his family continues to achieve and further sharing it with the wider community.

A visit to Canoelands Orchard is truly an unforgettable experience both adults and children alike will love.

In the caring words of the Christie family “We look forward to many more enjoyable days and smiling faces here at Canoelands Orchard”.

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