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Benefits of After School Activities


Benefits of after school activities can be varied. It is not an easy thing to measure. By far the best benefit is it forces a child to be sociable and spontaneous. This is very important for their emotional growth. They get to understand concepts of friendship, teamwork, and leadership. They go through feelings of belonging. Participating in these activities can reduce general stress from home or school, homework and other school related things. 

After school activities means more experiences for a child. To be taught by somebody else than those they are used to like the teachers or parents opens up more avenues for the child. More intermingling and gives the child a chance to handle himself in different situations.  Often the people that operate or manage these after school activities are experts in their fields. This means that the children have an opportunity to get the most out of it. Tips, tricks and shortcuts that will help the child absorb the lessons faster. In cooking for example, an expert will know which tools to use for which job, in case said tool is missing, a substitute tool. Same thing with ingredients. Did you know that salt enhances sweetness and blocks bitterness? Tips like these are invaluable for children starting out new interests and hobbies-to-be.

Benefits-of-After-School-ActivitiesChildren have different personalities. Most classrooms are standardised in the sense that they expect children to behave a certain way and to like certain things in a general sense. Well, we know that not all children like the same things. The benefits of after school activities include giving the child the option of doing exactly what they have an interest in. Adventurists can have their excursion adventure on a ship or go jumping on sky zone! Younger children love magic shows or balloon exhibitions. For the sporty type – bowling, skateboarding, martial arts. Here children with the same personalities are grouped to foster camaraderie, share knowledge, connect and grow as they go through the experience and build rapport. 

This is a chance for these little humans to grow as an individual yet belong in a group with shared interests, knowledge and experience. Their experience will take them farther than the confines of their classrooms. And gain friends that they would ordinarily never meet.