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Bollywood Dance To Hula Hoops

Bollywood Dance To Hula Hoops

Children’s activities perfect for their energy levels can include Bollywood dance and hula hoops, among other things. Although expect a bit of chaos jumping around, after all, they are children. Their understanding of play is just playing along or playing around. Play is the children’s way of learning and finding things out.


Fun Day Out is an incursion, excursion and vacation care provider with dozens of activities that can be tailor made for your group. With a comprehensive lineup of  performers, talents, children’s authors, educators and fun activities as Harmony Day, STEM, Book Week, cultural exploits and sustainability events adapting it to the participants’ age group. 


Bollywood dance to hula hoops activities are examples of focused core strengthening exercises. This helps in their balance and stability. Growing children can be lanky and awkward and sometimes become accident prone as they are still getting familiar with their current physique. And just when they get the hang of it, they grow again. 


Bollywood dance will have the children moving to the delightful sounds of Bollywood music and have a ball dancing! They will learn new skills and gain understanding of a new culture. This vacation care is packed with games, colour, dancing and excitement. This is a proven popular way to get the kids moving as students explore movement and dance to express their mood, feelings and ideas.  Costumes and a step-by-step routine will be provided so they can bring the fun home and practice.


Have an LED hula hoop RAVE party with Spin Joy! The kids will be singing, ‘you spin me right round baby right round’ all day long. This is a totally exciting activity where they will learn an alternative and fun way to exercise and move their body all the while having a good old good time. 

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Hula Hooping is not only good aerobic fitness, improves agility, balance and coordination but it is also great for spine strength and flexibility and a fun way to keep the heart healthy. Highlights of this vacation care includes epic dance moves, a rocking playlist, fun games, glow hoop performance and dance party show-off.


Fun Day Out have all the necessary official documents and certificates for their providers. Such as full documentations like Working With Children and Risk Assessment and evacuation plans for venues guaranteeing value for money, safety and reliability. Have a few activities picked out already? Give us a call and we’ll take care of it for you.