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Cheers to Simply Bushed

Fun Day Out would like to congratulate Paul Grierson, the multi-talented host of Scientifix Sensational Science Show, Discover Australia and the Anzac Special, on his award winning song “Raise Your Glass” with his Aussie band, Simply Bushed.

Creating music that embodies Australian national spirit and heritage, Simply Bushed have a special place in their hearts for Australia’s defence force and the Tamworth Country Music Festival saw them highly rewarded for their support.

The band won the Anzac Song of the Year at the Tamworth Songwriters’ Association Awards for “Raise Your Glass”, a song that represents the majority of everyday Australians who understand the sacrifices made, past and present, for this nations freedom.

They were also honoured with a certificate of appreciation from the regional committee for the Defence Reserves Support Council and a letter from Dr Brendan Nelson of the Australian War Memorial accompanied the trophies.

“You have given the national a beautifully evocative gift in Raise Your Glass,” Dr Nelson wrote. “The song is perfectly crafted, speaking directly to us and the debt we owe these men and women whose service and sacrifice has done so much to deepen our understanding of what it means to be Australian.”

The single is on the bands latest EP, Military Issue, a collection of four tracks that support the ADF and what they stand for.

“Working with the military has been a humbling experience for which I will be forever Grateful”, Reiger said.

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