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Children’s Incursion Activities Lockdown Pitfalls

Lockdown Pitfalls in Children’s Incursion Activities

The advancement of children’s incursion activities is one largely due to restrictions and effects of the Covid19 pandemic. This is because everyone, after the initial shock subsided, the concern is how to give children the childhood they deserve. Because parents themselves cannot imagine a week with hyperactive but limited freedom of movement for their kids. Man, being a social being, being cooped up a long time will take its toll.


Childhood is the time for making friends, discovering things, learning new skills and more about a child’s sense of self. This is when one develops and explores their world and creates their surroundings as they see fit. The children would still need a lot of help in figuring out this strange environment. Providing children’s incursion activities might somehow alleviate the feeling of being cooped indoors. With the current lockdown in place, most families are now trying to figure out how this situation will affect the children’s’ normal schedules.


The difficulty in keeping children entertained indoors is the amount of thought and work that needs to be put into it that the children will actually like. This is coupled with the distraction of the ever present digital games that parents and minders are concerned might become addictive, preventing children from enjoying other activities. 


Which brings us back to improving incursion, excursion and vacation care activities to make it more engaging for children. Virtual experiences are becoming more interactive and involved. There is an incursion exploring the skills of circus performers, another one with topics on dinosaur fossils that roamed Australia and sustainability basics for children and beginners. One incursion which a traveler and lover of culture will surely enjoy is the Wasabi Japanese experience especially now that travel is heavily restricted. 


It is always best to have balance in a child’s life. While they are growing, though, it is best that they have a taste of the outside world, experiencing, exploring and discovering new things everyday.