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Christmas Kids Activities – Creepy, Bubbly & Christmassy

Christmas Kids Activities - Creepy, Bubbly & Christmassy

Christmas kids activities that are creepy, bubbly and pure Christmassy fun are waiting for you at Fun Day Out. It will certainly be an exciting time more so when you have little ones that simply adore creepy crawlies and bubbly fizz. Perhaps because the crawlies are small like them. Their sinuous bending and gyrating make them look like happy, dancing critters that strikes a happy chord with the children. And who is not cheered with bubbly fizz? Fun just doubles with bubbles around.

Christmas Kids Activities That’s Creepy, Bubbly And Christmassy2Things That Creep and Crawl is one vacation care that is purely creepy and crawly fun! It is a hands-on incursion where children can satisfy their curiosity and gape in wonder at the amazing world of bugs. This up close and personal encounter with the crawling kind will give timid kids a chance to grow out of their fear. It will also encourage the ones that adore these creepy crawlies and further their interest in bugs, science and the world around them.  Presenters will introduce fun facts about the amazing creatures from the insect and arachnid world and get them to create a few creepy crawly craft to both enthrall and entertain the children.


Christmas is not usually a time for experiments but this is one experiment the kids would love! It is Science with a festive twist! Enjoy all the excitement of this gleeful season with Christmas themed science experiments. Kids will explore hands-on activities of a range of fun experiments with some extra glitter for Christmas. This is a genuine learning experience presented by a qualified educator with lots of mentos and bicarb / vinegar explosions to keep everyone entertained. 


How about a bubbly BubbleBLUE Christmas Spectacle? Children love bubbles! Bubble creation and bubble blowing is like a go switch to playing and having fun. Bubbles will come from everywhere in this hysterically funny Christmas spectacle. BubbleBLUE will start off with a 15 minute show full of giggles, magic, bubble structures and shapes and blow you away with a magical demonstration of bubbles harnessing smoke, shapes and momentum.

Christmas Kids Activities That’s Creepy, Bubbly And Christmassy

Children will have a basic grasp of bubble making and squeal in delight as BubbleBLUE encloses each one in a giant bubble. Bubbles are something a child will always be curious about. It fascinates them and even some of the adults, too. Bubbles make their eyes light up as it follows their path and their hand-eye coordination as they run and jump to pop them. 


This Christmas let it be a creepy, poppingly fun in a totally unexpected way.