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Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

Electrical Safety Tips for Kids

One of the first things to teach in a house full of children is electrical safety for kids. Children learn by touching and playing with things. Proper electrical safety tips for kids introduced early on may save not just your house but their lives. Here are some electrical security tips for kids since we need to help lessen the quantity of childhood injuries and deaths from electrical-related mishaps. 



  • Never put fingers or any items in the electrical outlet or light attachment. 
  • Keep fingers and metal articles far from little machines, for example, toaster ovens and hairdryers, regardless of whether the apparatus is off. 
  • Approach a grown-up for help when you have to utilize things involving electricity. 
  • Never utilize any apparatus or electrical stuff with a line or attachment close to water, for example bath, sink, pool or the like. Most electrical-related accidents occur when individuals use power close to water. 
  • Never pull or yank a fitting out by its cord. 
  • Never touch any electrical apparatus when you or a part of your body is wet. 
  • On the off chance that you see a ragged, frayed or worn electrical cord, tell a grown-up right away. 
  • Abstain from keeping drinks from electronic machines like PCs, gaming comforts, TV, sound systems, and speakers. Electrical Safety Tips for Kids 1
  • Unplug electrical machines before cleaning them. 
  • Ensure electrical outlets in the kitchen, laundry room, restroom, workshop, carport, and storm cellar have FGCIs. Call an expert electrician circuit tester to guarantee they are working appropriately. 
  • Secure unused outlets. Utilize plastic embeds or cover unused outlets with plastic security tops. Block your outlets creatively with the furniture arrangement. 
  • Ensure your child is completely dry after bath prior to playing and running around to avoid contact shock in the house. 
  • Extension cords are not meant for long time use.. Ensure there are security closures to shield kids from getting stunned and prevent mouth burns for crawling children. Hide extension cords behind furniture or use hide-a-cord device. 
  • Turn off apparatuses or gadgets when not in use. Especially when you have children in the same room. Little children often put things big or small in their mouths. 
  • Try not to leave electrical appliances like washing machines, or dishwasher on when not in use. Make it a point to take the plug out of the socket when you are done using it for the day.
  • Check outlets for ill fitting plugs and sockets. Remove and replace missing or chipped divider plates so wirings are not uncovered. 



Children usually have a great time outside during bright summer days. But outdoors is not free from accidents. Before you let your children head outside to play, check these electrical safety measures to prevent injury or possible death. 

  • Never touch metal transformer boxes with notice signs. 
  • Never climb trees close to electrical cables regardless of whether the lines are not touching the tree. It may come in contact with the line if more weight is added to the branch. 
  • Never climb or play close to electrical cables and electrical hardware. 
  • Try not to jump on fences and walls around electric substations. Electrical Safety Tips for Kids 2
  • Try not to fly kites or drones close to electrical cables or substations. A kite, Mylar or helium-filled inflatables on strings can get tangled in electrical cables. The string may conduct electricity and cause electrical shock or start a fire. 
  • In the event that you see something stuck or tangled in an electrical cable, have a grown-up to call the power company. Never attempt to climb to remove or eliminate the thing from the electrical cables yourself. 
  • Fly kites and model planes in huge open zones like a recreation center or parks and open fields. In the event that the kite stalls out in a tree close to the electrical cables, don’t attempt to get it yourself. Call your electric utility supplier for help. 
  • Never fly a kite during overcast days when there is a tempest. 
  • Never climb a utility shaft, pole or tower. The power going through this equipment carries incredibly high voltage that can kill you. 
  • Never go into an electrical substation since it contains high-voltage gear, which can kill you. Never recover a ball that heads inside or salvage a pet, have a grown-up call your electric utility instead.
  • Never swim during a thunderstorm. 
  • Water and electricity are a perilous mix and ought to never be used close to one another. 
  • Avoid fallen electrical wires. Have a grown-up call the power company to report it or call 000 to report it right away. 
  • Abstain touching overhead electrical wires when carrying long objects, for example, a ladder or pool skimmer. 
  • Never toss objects, for example, a stone or shoe onto electrical cables. 
  • Avoid hanging signs or flags on electric utility poles. 
  • On the off chance that you are operating an electrical machine or playing an electrical toy outside, remain 10 feet from any wet surface like a pool or puddles. 
  • If your pet or a companion is in contact with a downed electrical line or electrical hardware, call 000 or have a grown-up call 000 right away. 

Talk with your children about how electricity works and how dangerous it can be. Teach your children that water and wet items make electricity even more dangerous. Instructing our children about power safety inside the home and outside will keep them safe and help them to be dependable grown-ups.

Article by Ken Martin of KM Electric