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Engage The Family In Fun DIY Christmas Kids Activities

Fun DIY Christmas Kids Activities

Step up and engage the family in fun DIY Christmas kids activities! Christmas is a time for celebrations and merry making. Why not involve the children in making the preparations. Create cards, mini Christmas trees for their rooms and even ornaments for the main tree. 


Some easy DIY ornaments

From simple paper ornaments to baked ones, ornaments can make the season seem more festive. Ornaments for the most part of history was to tell stories In fact, the whole Christmas thing is to relive, educate and remember the very first Christmas.  


A few coloured paper, a template, scissors and some glue and strings is all it takes to create a few ornaments to hang. Add a cardboard backing for a firmer base. Attach a string to hang it on your tree. Make a few more and interlace them together and make a festive paper garland out of it. 

Fun DIY Christmas Kids Activities1

Making baked ornaments is also one way to bond. Properly made and stored, salt dough ornaments can last up to 25 years or more. Make handprints of your whole family, date them and add to this collection as your family grows as the years go by. These keepsakes will remind stories of Christmases past. 


Basic salt dough recipe consists of salt, water and flour. Shape them out with cookie cutters or mold it your own way. Bake for 2-3 hours at 250 degrees and let cool. Designing, finishing and sealing your creation is needed for it not to be just beautiful but also last a long time. 


Recycling materials is a great way of repurposing what is already meant to be thrown away. Repurpose strings, popsicle sticks, soda tabs, scrap fabrics, buttons, twigs, leftover yarn and other knick knacks that can serve as cute and adorable ornaments fashioned as candy canes, Christmas balls, mini Christmas trees, wreath, reindeers and lots more. Or display them when done as centrepieces, a mantel decoration, a wreath and even use instead of place cards or strung up a window.


When it comes to ornament making, it can be made according to themes, preferences or anything you want. Really, your imagination is the only limit. Start planning your own fund DIY Christmas kids activities now.