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Exciting Kids Activities From Painting To Pixies

Exciting Kids Activities

Almost every day, Australians are looking for exciting kids activities to check out, book and go to. Whether it is for Sydmey, Canberra, Perth or Melbourne, these parents want their children to experience a piece of what they had as children but with a little more planning and structure. 


Fun Day Out is exactly that. We put providers, venues and would-be participants, children and parents, together. We arrange everything from booking to execution – activity day. A truly exciting kids activities that will thrill your little ones.


Take them to an adventure show that will make you believe in faeries and dragons. Have you ever seen one? Ms. B and Mr. B are both members of the 1890 secret society called Pixie Patrol. This dashing duo have come out of their special lair to educate you in the ways of Fairy and Goblin folk and drop a positive life lesson or two on the way.


They will teach you how to tame a Pixie and where to find a Troll. Go on a Goblin hunt, for there may even be a Goblin or two hiding at your centre. Find magic and inspiration and lots of fun, laugh and interaction on this magical adventure. 


Sandy Kids Sand Art vacation care is a fun and education way of keeping children amused. The children will be able to create wonderful masterpieces from laser cut sticker cards and create many different designs and sand coulours. This activity will have the children interact socially, developing their fine motor skills and artistic abilities as they enjoy and make their own decisions and creations to take home.


Encourage self-expression and develop creative thought at Brisbane’s Wesley Taylor Art Studio’s painting perfection. Children will learn many different painting techniques in this hands-on creative learning experience. Np experience required. 


A chance for children to be guided step by step from a featured artist with their own choice of style. Theme choices include Turtle. Cockatoo, Mermaid, Hummingbird, Beach or Waterfall. Children will interact and share creative ways to make their masterpieces, the ones they would take home after this activity.  


Making a child happy is not overly complicated. Although it is a full time job, no child is happy 24 hours, seven days a week.  These activities will in no way play as a major influence in their happiness. But the memories it leaves and experiences it opens up will linger for more than just a day.