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Fun-filled Excursion Ideas For Children

When you want more than just the usual excursion ideas for children then Fun Day Out is for you! Being cooped up and quiet are really not among the favourite things of children of any age. They need to keep moving and be interested in things that do not involve gadgets. There is some difficulty in getting children to participate unless they are really fun excursion ideas or are truly interested and keen to learn more.


Are they curious?

Curiosity is a child’s second nature. They tend to be curious about a lot of things. When they connect cause and effect, the next phase will be curiosity of the past. This is a chance for them to learn about aboriginal culture, how they lived and survived. Like the First Nations weaving – an environmental knowledge explaining local flora and fauna and  its use for their weaving. It’s a workshop on the 6th of July where kids can try the basic weaving techniques. 


Like mystery or riddles? Eye Spy with BennyO might be a good fit. It’s an exploration of the hush-hush in the world of spies. Your child will be introduced to the history and basics of the spy trade like tools, terminologies and such. Included in this is the introduction to cryptography, coding and to some extent explanation on why privacy matters.

Excursion Ideas For Children

Wondrous bubbles are fun, right? This science show with Professor Bubbles is fun-filled and interactive with tons of information explaining scientific principles that will keep the children entertained and involved. Children will learn unexpected industries where bubbles are used. This session will make them learn the science of elasticity using square bubbles, volcano bubbles and bubbles big enough to engulf and capture them.


These fun-filled excursion ideas for children are but a few of the numerous children’s activities that Fun Day Out offers to delight and educate kids. With these incursions and excursions in the Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other states and territories, children can have their pick of entertaining and adventurous fun-filled activities