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Explore Wild Kids Activities

Explore Wild Kids Activities 1

Come and explore wild kids activities. It is both an enthralling and thrilling way to see animals in close proximity. Kids squeal in delight seeing these creatures and critters in action, blinking and breathing for real.  This fascination must stem early on. As toddlers and while learning to talk they are introduced to word associations. They are given guessing games and are tasked to identify different animal sounds, what they are called as babies and as adults and of different genders like cub, lion and lioness.


What they are normally shown are pictures and videos so seeing them up close and personal can sometimes be an exhilarating experience. Some may get scared, others overjoyed at the prospect of seeing them.


Fun Day Out are experts at bridging fun and exciting kids activities with children through incursions, excursions and school holiday offerings. These will spark your child’s interest and arouse their curiosity about their life and surroundings. 

Explore Wild Kids Activities2

The Australia Wildlife Rover school incursion program brings the Australian Wildlife Sanctuary to schools for students to openly marvel at. The WILD Rover presentations make a classroom lively. The children are encouraged to engage and interact making it a good experience for everyone. 


Or visit the wonderful world of wildlife at Australian Wildlife Sanctuary in Bargo where you can immerse your students in the rich nature, culture and history where the programs delivered are backed with expert knowledge. The sanctuary’s  Australian Wildlife Education Officers have backgrounds in wildlife keeping and veterinary sciences.


This wildlife excursion experience has two options to choose from. There’s  

  • Wild Ed – this is an interactive experience to meet some amazing Australian animals and learn about their environment. Open the students eyes to the importance of conservation and expanding their knowledge on the natural world. This option includes a 1.5 hour tour with a Wildlife Education Officer and then some free time to roam the Sanctuary.
  • Wild Encounters – this participative excursion is focused on environmental conversion through education, involvement and behind the scene tours which includes a special introduction to the sanctuary’s resident animals including a back of house tour and feeding experience. This option also includes a 1.5 hour tour with a Wildlife Education Officer.


These encounters helping explore wild kids activities with the wild kind will help children with some truths and experiences with animals that will foster a lasting impression.