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Favourite Sydney Incursions and Excursions

Favourite Sydney Incursions

Find your favourite Sydney incursions and excursions from a number of available children’s activities with Fun Day Out. Kids’ incursion activities are such a good complement to school and other child related activities as they are encouraged to spend their energy in a fun way.  We are experts in sourcing, booking and managing group activities that will tempt a kid’s interest.


Engaging children on their favourite Sydney incursions can be guesswork. But finding one that would pique their interest can be easy keeping them interested to take them is not. Incursions and excursions are a good way to inspire children’s creativity to encourage them to play, socialise and learn.


Like Fusion sports which offers programs designed to get kids active while developing their movement skills. Their highly qualified coaches will make sure your day is fun filled, leaving kids with more confidence in their sporting ability. This multi-sport program includes a variety of games that take elements out of different sports and is designed to enhance and provide children with an opportunity to explore movement in a fun challenging way.


Experienced coaches have a vast array of different activities to suit all group needs. Each child is bound to leave feeling a sense of accomplishment. There will be dynamic team-based activities incorporating movement and challenging and achievable activities that improves hand eye coordination and ball mastery skills. 

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Or have a wonderful and impossible bubbles show with Professor Peanutbutter. Witness the most amazing bubbles and experience it like never before! Giant, smoke filled, wobbly, snowy, even square bubbles, these are just a sample of some of the amazing bubbles you will see during this exciting show. To finish it off, all children will get the chance to experience what it’s like to be inside of a giant bubble! This is an activity with lots of fun and laughter where all children can get a chance to go inside a bubble at the end of the show.


Children need vigorous activities that will not only challenge them physically. These will make their mind wonder and spark their curiosity.  Fun Day Out adds-on and enriches kids’ learnings. It helps them explore and develop their social skills in a fun setting.