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Boredom Busters – Fun Iso Activities

We’ve all been stuck at home for weeks now, and everyone is getting restless!

To combat the stir-craziness, we’ve created an easy DIY scavenger hunt game that will spark creativity, get the kids moving, and keep them entertained.

What you need

  • Paper
  • Pencils/Crayons/Paint

What to do

  1. Divide a piece of paper (one per child) into 9 even sections (you could also do 6 or 12 for a longer or shorter activity)
  2. Choose something for each section – these will be the things they head off hunting for.
  3. Write the name of each thing at the top of a section
  4. Pull out your supplies and let them draw or paint a picture of each item on the list
  5. Send them out into the backyard (or the rest of the house) to hunt for their treasures!


This activity can be changed depending on your environment. If you have a yard or outdoor space accessible to you, a nature-based scavenger hunt is ideal. If you live in an apartment or home without a yard, an indoor version is better. 

We’ve also collated some ideas for both options in an easy printable A4 format if you’d prefer to simply print and go – just right click, ‘save as’, and print from your computer. We’ve got blank or ready-to-colour sheets for you to choose from!



For more fun activities for the kids, check out our Pinterest boards!

With all this time at home, so it’s the perfect opportunity for exploring the greatest that Netflix has to offer. There are many amazing titles that children and their parents will adore watching together, so we’ve collated this list of five of the best TV series and movies suitable for the whole family!

  1. The Little Prince (2015, ages 10+)

With a fantastic critics rating of 93%, The Little Prince is an animated movie brought to you by the director of Kung-Fu Panda, and based on a book by French aristocrat Antoine de Saint-Exupery. This animated adaptation follows the journey of a very busy young girl, who takes time to slow down and ends up becoming friends with the old man who lives next door. With stunning animation plus beautiful soundtrack, The Little Prince shows themes of empathy, compassion, integrity, and the idea that it is ever-important to enjoy life.

  1. Ask The StoryBots (2016-2019, ages 3+)

For younger children, you can’t go past the Netflix Original titled ‘Ask The StoryBots’. This fun animated educational series is filled to the brim with charm and special guests that will delight the kids and keep you looking over your shoulder to watch it too. Every episode explores the answer to a different question, such as ‘Why do people look different?’ and ‘How do computers work?’ with a unique mix of live-action, animation, puppetry and claymation. 

  1. The Land Before Time (1988, ages 5+)

This legendary classic children’s flick is still one we think of fondly after all these years, and is a must-watch for both children and their parents. Masterfully animated, the Land Before Time is about the journey of a couple of orphaned dinosaurs who suddenly find themselves thrown together when the world around them changes, and must now try to find the mysterious Great Valley.

The movie explores themes of teamwork, friendship and trust with unforgettable characterisation and many laughs. It is sure to entertain the whole family!

  1. Cheer (2019, ages 13+)

For those of us with older kids, you can’t go past Cheer, which is a 6-part documentary TV series about an American junior cheerleading team. While it may sound frivolous, the series actually navigates complex issues – from purpose and belonging to mental fortitude and self esteem – in a motivating, delicate, and straight up inspiring way.

The Navarro Cheer Team cheerleaders come from varied backgrounds, both socioeconomic and cultural. The series takes us on the journey not just to their final competition, but to becoming a strong team and strong individuals.

You’ll cry, you’ll laugh, you’ll watch some gravity-defying stunts, but most importantly, the kids will learn one of the most essential life lessons: never give up on anyone, especially yourself.

  1. Over The Hedge (2007, ages 5+)

This classic animated comedy will be adored by the whole family. It is filled to the brim with loveable animals, with the story centered on a shy turtle named Verne and his friend, an outgoing and mischievous Racoon called RJ. The movie has jokes for children and their parents, making the experience engaging and colourful from beginning to end – perfect for lighthearted family viewing.

Which children’s movie do you always want to watch with your children? Leave a comment below!

Written by Sabrina Morgan-Deller