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Fun School Holidays Activities For Kids

fun school holidays activities

Fun school holidays activities are usually not something children on the first few days of school holidays have in mind. They tend to be lethargic and lack real motivation. They just want to take a bit of rest, stare at their gadgets for a bit of time until something better comes along or friends come over. But the summer holidays are a great time for children to be more active and have some fun away from school.

There are a number of fun school holidays activities that children can enjoy, such as going on holiday trips, day incursions, excursion trips, playing sports, spending time with new and old friends, discovering new skills, new craft and developing their confidence.

Many schools also have summer programmes for children to take part in during the school holidays. These can include camps, holiday clubs and volunteering opportunities where kids can learn new skills, mingling with new friends and have some good old clean fun. These volunteer programmes can encourage them to often make a positive contribution to their community.

Getting Kids Healthy, Active and Energised!

Kids will learn and develop new skills while having incredible amounts of fun! We all know children have quite a short attention span. Not a problem! This Sports Stars Fun Day Out Vacation Care activity in Kings Park, NSW is a lot of fun.

It is perfect of any centre with kids who can’t settle on just one activity – you will have multiple sporting options, the more kids, the more choices! One coach for every 10 children, with the ability to choose a different sport per coach!

These are action-based games available in the following sports: Tennis, Putt Putt, Handball, Volleyball, Basketball, Netball, Soccer, Cricket, Touch Football, Athletics.

These activities have been designed for children to run outside or inside, onsite at your centre or at Kings Park in Denistone. They are team based activities and challenges suitable for all ages and abilities. They improve hand eye coordination and ball skills which also assists in overall fitness and flexibility.

Fun Day Out provides your school, centre  or organisation with full event management service. Incursions or excursions? Not a problem. School holiday activities or after school care? We got you covered. Call us now to discuss your needs and to book activities as you require and we will manage the entire process for you. So call us now!