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Healthy Incursions And Excursions

Healthy Incursions And Excursions

Health is in the spotlight these days, making healthy incursions and excursions not only a trend, but a necessity. The lockdowns happening are a result of preventing the spread of coronavirus. Since it is still not possible to truly not get outside, ensuring that everyone is healthy or has good immunity to ward off contracting this illness has to be a priority. 


Sydney, Melbourne and basically every region have incursions and excursions that entice children to have healthy choices without the token tantrums or tearing of the hair. This is what Fun Day Out specialises in. Incursions, excursions, vacation care, after school, team building and virtual activities for kids that will inculcate different steps and programs to help strengthen their physical, mental and developmental health. 


Healthy Incursions And Excursions1The activities are designed to be fun and engaging to pull in kids’ interest while inserting lessons that guide them to health. There’s gardening, cooking, history mixed with practical trivia and connection with our land, wildlife and animal adventures. By teaching gardening, their little minds are occupied with the wonder of growth, photosynthesis, stages of development, physical and chemical changes. Seeing their plants sprout and flourish can make them welcome eating more greens that farmers and other people have painstakingly nurtured.  It is very important that children eat more leafy greens for a truly balanced diet. There are plenty of articles stating that children who neglect to eat their vegetables may develop digestive issues, constipation and may become vitamin deficient. 


Some children who have learned to plant may want to learn cooking or at least making a salad with the greens they have planted and harvested. Children often would love to learn to make their own snacks so baking and some light cooking will open their world to benefits of using the freshest ingredients, importance of exact measurements and the fun and satisfaction of making cookies from scratch. 


Expect additional items in your list for the next time you go grocery shopping.