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Kids’ Entertainment – The Impact Of Being Seen

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Different stories are part of kids’ entertainment and learning. They are oftentimes included in school curriculum and vacation care providers as part of their incursion and excursion activities. Stories like how things work, why things are, how they came to be. It can be a narrative, informative and entertaining. These stories have the power to inspire and motivate. It becomes more effective when children “see” themselves in the stories. A curly haired girl, a boy who stutters, the loneliness of being an only child, these few words and lines are enough to capture their attention and identify with the story. It tells them they are not alone and gives insight on what choices they can make or how to go about in their daily life. An appreciation may develop into fascination for either the story or the character.


The Stitches Collections

Embracing the difference in others is what the stitches collection is all about. It’s a series of comfort buddies designed to raise awareness on mental health, general health and social justice issues. We all struggle at times to find the right words and how to convey our feelings and emotions. This goes double for children as they sometimes lack a way of expressing their sentiments. 


Children will learn cartoon drawing techniques and tell their story by designing their own unique Stitches character where they will then transfer their design to a canvas board to draw and colour. Sometimes the children will put in unique characteristics that speak about them and seeing the same characteristics makes them feel ‘seen’. 

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Cultural workshops like Maori Cultural Workshops provide unique experiences where students discover the Maori culture and heritage. There are also traditional Maori dance workshops available allowing students to learn a well known Haka ‘Ka Mate’. Learning culture whether it is our own or a totally separate one will not only be a good learning experience but also open new paths and an understanding of different perspectives. 


Stories provide information, entertainment and, to some extent, a semblance of empathy and understanding. It gives us a bigger picture. And sometimes an explanation of how things transpired, for even what is currently happening will one day, turn into a story.