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Learn While Having Fun

Most days, it is not easy to learn while having fun. In a child’s case, to reluctantly pull them away from whatever they are doing and try to lure them away. These days it is necessary to introduce (or sometimes, trick) children into learning something. In this sense cooking can turn into a chemistry lesson. Gardening and love of plants into little biology or botany lessons. Their physical changes, photosynthesis, plant structure and other stuff.

If we put our minds into it, a lesson can be incorporated in everything. Depending on the child, the ways to get their interest piqued would vary. A straight up factual teaching method will not always work. Some would prefer hands on, and still others through stories or light quips to get it across. Learn While Having Fun1

All school age children, though, are into technology. It is after all, their generation’s proverbial play yard. As many kids are hooked and interested in computers and everything related to it, this is a chance to introduce and teach children the basics of Artificial Intelligence and code. It is a fun way to acquaint kids with the simple theory and practice to start with Artificial Intelligence. Coding, these days, is an essential skill in the digital age. A child who knows the basics of code is already ahead in comprehending, manipulating and being able to work and apply the principles. In this technologically advanced and fast paced world, not understanding the rudiments could mean a future difficulty. Besides, coding teaches children math, writing, imagination, creativity, sequencing and probabilities. From the simplest form to very fancy codes, children will benefit from its very basic order progression and logic arrangement.

Integrating learning and fun requires delicate balance and involvement making sure the lesson is cohesive and understandable for the age group it is aimed at. Doing it for a long period of time will result to long time benefits.