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Magical Children’s Activities

magical children's activities

Spring is the perfect time for magical children’s activities. There are many fantastic kid’s activities available that you can have your child participate in. Introducing magic to your children will be reminiscent of their first years when everything was something to wonder about. 


Magic is a fun way to play with your children. It does not require a lot of money or special equipment to do magic at home.  By simply looking through your kitchen cupboards or your garden, you can find some great items to use for these amazing activities:


Floating bubbles are one of the most popular kids’ activities around the world. You can create these balloons by adding dish soap to water. 

A fun way to build problem-solving skills is to remove labels from water bottles and fill the bottles with interesting materials, such as rocks, sand, or pasta shapes.The kids must then work out how to remove the water from the bottle. 


Or book your next magic performance with Fun Day Out and watch The Award Winning Magic of Duck Cameron.

Simply stunning magic – Master Magician Duck Cameron’s unique performance has captivated kids worldwide with comedy, magic and wonderful interaction. Winner of Australian Stage Magician and Most Entertaining Act – Macau, this world class performer is not to be missed!

Now he brings a fun-filled magical show full of surprise, comedy and intrigue to your centre. 

Duck will also provide a rare glimpse behind the smoke and mirrors, teaching  some fun magic suitable for all ages – so you can perform your own magic tricks! 

magical children's activities1

Some children love magic shows and a few even wondered how a magician does his tricks. For those little ones, this vacation care is for them.

Take a trip behind the scenes of a real live magic show and  learn magic tricks from a real magician! These magical children’s activities will leave them enthralled and wanting for more.

Get to see up the magician’s proverbial sleeve and inside the top hat to discover how magic really works. Learn a magic trick (or 2) and take home your very own magic kit.

This is hands-on fun for kids of all ages. They will be provided with materials and a magic kit to take home. 

Magic outside, magic inside. Sounds quite… magical.