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Monsters, Movies and Mayhem – Kid Activities Nearby

Kid Activities Nearby

What makes a child tick? Children’s activities, of course, that’s what. But more than active play and finding kid activities nearby, they have a penchant for monsters, movies and mayhem. Little boys especially love monsters, from the really cute ones to the ones from movies such as Monsters, Inc


Fun Day Out has an abundance of incursions, excursions and school holidays activities that focuses on children’s entertainment. The programs are not limited to entertaining but also educating and re-introducing some of the basic concepts of Science, history, Math and, in some cases, emotions, equality and comparison.


Nowadays, it is not easy for people to just go out and enjoy the movies. It may be for a number of different reasons such as health and security but that should not prevent the enjoyment of movie watching. In comes Fun Day Out’s Inflatable Movie Screen. 


Transform your area into an instant movie theatre with an inflatable movie screen hire that includes everything for your movie experience including screen, projector, speakers and DVD player. There are two available screen sizes – a 3.5 meters by 3.5 meters and 6 meters by 6 meters. The screen must be placed inside or under a cover to avoid glare on the screen and wet weather options.


All the necessary copyright approvals are in place with delivery services including delivery, run and pick up. 

Kid Activities Nearby

Conquer monsters and create mayhem with classic arcade games that will test your reaction speed and provide countless hours of fun for kids and bigger kids. With classic games such as pinball, pacman, shooting and driving games. Choose from an array of games in arcade tables and machines.


Arcade gaming improves cognitive functions. Simulations test decision-making skills, reflexes and enhance muscle memory. The decline of arcade games had a lot to do with the games being transitioned from public to private consoles to finally landing in people’s cell phones.


This has prevented some of the benefits of arcade playing like big muscle groups that usually would have been active while playing. This also has resulted in less reasons to go out and hang with friends.


Although it might be considered retro and old fashioned, bringing kid activities nearby where the children can mingle and acquire new skills and new friends.