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Music Incursions For Children in Sydney, Melbourne & Perth

Music Incursions For Children

Music incursions for children bring joy and pleasure. It is no secret that the present is quite disheartening. Still, it is our goal to not let that affect children’s lives and happiness. Music has been our go-to since we were kids and when we had our own. Humming and lullabies was a way to calm crying babies, soothe teething toddlers and entertain bored school-aged kids. Isn’t it curious that children can memorise more details when expressed in a singsong manner? Encyclopedia Britannica attributes our love and benefits of music to chemistry since technically, it has not contributed much to the species survival (debatable, yes).


Dopamine, the feel-good hormone, transmits pleasurable sensations to the brain when a person is listening to music they like. From the melody start, the lead up to their favourite parts, music creates delightful responses in children. From humming to themselves to singing in groups and performing with others, music gives children a way to express themselves.


 Fun Day Out lets children in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth of Primary – K to Year 6 age discover diverse musical genres involving kids in the entire musical process in Electric Music with Andy Jones. It’s a musical mishmash showcasing an assortment of musical instruments to perform different musical styles and genres like hip hop, the blues, disco and Latin music. They will explore how it sounds, how it affects them and be given a chance to create and record their music while they have fun feeling the beats and moving with the rhythm. 


There is also Musical Theatre Incursion and Flash Dance Mob with Cre8tive Ali. This incursion engages and makes use of children’s energy to teach them dance choreography, singing and working together to perform a musical. The children will learn to participate as they play over games and move their bodies to the beat and dance to their heart’s content. 


Music incursions for children have a way of enriching people’s lives especially the children. Sometimes the children find that it can provide the words to things that they want to say and express. It provides an outlet to their energetic little bodies. Singing by themselves or by a group strengthens bonds and makes these tiny tykes enjoy an activity more. These are the sounds they will remember their childhood by.