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National Children’s Week : Programs and Significance

Significance Of National Children's Week

It is national children’s week – the 23rd to the 31st of October of this year. It is an annual event  celebrating children’s rights, talents, citizenship and achievements. It is usually observed on the fourth Wednesday of October to correspond with Universal Children’s Day. This year, Children’s Week Council of Australia’s theme comes from Article 15 of United Nations Convention on the Rights of the Child is “Children have the right to choose their own friends and safely connect with others.”.


National Children’s Weeks’ first run was in 1996. It is meant to embody the child’s basic rights to play, learn and grow. It is essential to the child’s development and emerging growth. 


Fun Day Out joins the world in promoting children’s rights and helping kids find their voices and places in this world by providing incursions, excursions, after school activities, holiday, team building and other kids activities. These are not just meant to entertain kids but to also teach them skills, empower them and help in their overall health and progression. 


Artificial Intelligence incursion, for example, offers a glimpse on the advancement of scientific concepts. Children can learn AI and implement computer vision using Python Code and Jupyter Notebook with data and images they create. Children also workshop future applications of the technology and their impact on the world.


Wellness warriors encourage active bodies while nurturing active minds. It is an alternative addition for term sport and programs, after school programs, gala days and fun days.  Wellness warriors are suitable for all ages, assisting students to explore physical movement, conscious thinking and creativity. 


Raising a garden, growing their own vegetables, learning about plants and their uses; this is quite basic but becomes easier when it is taught in a fun and engaging way. Hort4Kidz are qualified horticulturists and experts in all things outdoors. They teach basic plant requirements and have practical hands – on activities for tiny green thumbs. Kids love to cook is a mobile cooking school that provides workshops especially designed for Primary School aged children from Kindergarten to Year 6. They will be taught to cook with a broad range of menu options allowing for changes according to specific dietary requirements and intolerances.


These learning experiences will give them confidence. These first encounters into these pursuits where the children enjoy them will make them want to do it again at their own pace until they become proficient in it.


Part of having a good childhood is having friends and enjoying their company safely creating fond memories that will shape the person they are to be. National Children’s Week reminds and helps us that kids properly trained and guided become skilled and responsible adults that will perhaps one day become the pillars of not just the community but the country.