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Recapturing The Magic


Being an adult in most cases means you would have to deal with what is thrown at you. There is no chance of recapturing the magic in your life. The kind of magic that was always ever present when we were kids. It has to take a back seat while we do all that we need to. But it was simpler then, and happier. Magic for kids is a respite from all that made us tired then. No matter what we have gone through the day, at night time we lay on our beds reading, thinking, wishing…

The magic of Christmas, Santa Claus, the Easter Bunny, the Tooth Fairy. We squealed with glee as they impart their gifts to us. We wondered at how they just know when the tooth came out, what we wanted most, it must be magic. And that kind of magic for kids, was everything.

But now that we are adults, the most we could hope for in recapturing the magic is through the eyes of our children. Making their own magical memory. From the littlest things like accompanying them to watch magic shows to letting them learn a few magic tricks.

It’s such a welcome treat that there are now organisations that offer after school and school activities be it incursions or excursions. These institutions take the work out of figuring out when and where to go next. They give the children experiences while the parents are secure in the knowledge that everything has been researched and ironed out. They simply have to call, pick an activity, pay  and show up on the assigned day. Of course, reputable institutions that offer school incursions and excursions would not only have reviews and testimonials from clients but also from providers they use.


Younger children are in awe of simple magic tricks. Bigger ones want to learn how to do them. For some, magic becomes the ice breaker, a thing to talk about. It closes the gap not just between two strangers but sometimes, also of two generations.  Learning a skill like magic, builds one’s confidence and presentation skills. There is also the matter of creativity and some public speaking, dazzling the audience. Sometimes, even the aptitude learned in magic can be applied to most everything else. The basics, the discipline, the wonderment of it all.