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Rediscovering Fun

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Somewhere between school and having kids we forget about having fun. Sure, there are those times we escaped to some remote island. Or the time our friends took us dancing. We had to dress up, be seen, had to make sure we had fun. But did we? We did to our night of dancing what we normally do working, make a job of it. But as our children grow we see the wonder in their eyes. We share with them what we know. And in their glee, we are rediscovering fun. Real fun. The fun that we once had.

There is no better teacher than children in having fun. In an almost abandoned state of play. It enables them to use their creativity. Active play develops their strength, improves physical health. It also expands their cognitive abilities and imagination, social interaction. All these while running, laughing and sharing with their peers. Playing and learning and making memories.

In total abandonment of play, we expose the child within us. As adults we forbid ourselves of acting like a child when in truth, the child knows what is important. What truly is needed so we may not be overburdened by the heaviness of adulthood.

These are not idle musings, though. There have been studies that indicate playing is a good way to relieve stress. Your playful side is the key to unlocking happiness and good mental well-being. Some activities help improve their attention span with better engagement, risk assessment and problem-solving.

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The more active playing, singing, dancing, running and jumping around is exercise. Aside from making one sweat it out, such events stimulate the mind. It makes us silly. It makes us laugh. Do you ever wonder why children sometimes just burst out laughing? They don’t. They don’t wonder. They just do. Too much thinking is mostly what is wrong with adults. Not enough make believe, not enough dreams to build.

We went from playing to working. And lost fun in the process. Is it any wonder why stress follows us around?