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School Holiday Activities For Would Be Young Leaders

A diverse education and varied school holiday activities can be keys to shaping would be leaders.  The world is in need of competent and well rounded young leaders for a better future. The world has always been complex and evolving and those who lead it should not stay stagnant, either. Curious children are the best, their curiosity is a big help in learning more about the world. 


Advantages of a curious leader

A curious child is one that is constantly learning. They become more self-aware of things that they feel are important. Anything a child is curious about, they usually learn on this subject intensely. They look at problems and ask ‘what if’ and try to resolve these in their own way. They become troubleshooters and are not afraid to ask questions to learn how to do things. In asking questions, these curious children learn humility and consideration of other peoples’ thoughts. This empathy is a powerful tool later on for reading and responding to people. 

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The media that children are most familiar with besides television are gadgets and the use of the internet and applications. Having varied school holiday activities, incursions and excursions connected with the present or the future. And nothing says the future quite like being inventive. An inventor’s workshop is the ultimate test of a curious child’s ‘what if’. An age appropriate challenge is part of the Junior Inventors with JC Ingenium. This STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) workshop encourages learning the fundamental concepts of circuits, coding, programming and critical thinking. 


Interactive fun awaits children interested in filmmaking and video editing. Highly engaging use of technology that actively promotes narrative writing, teamwork, creativity, drama and technical skills. Get a more in depth knowledge of chemistry and the planets with Jollybops science, the Australian wildlife, the history of the nation and the early people, the dynamic earth, natural phenomena and energy. 


There are so many activities, both incursions and excursions awaiting would be young leaders to further their interests and understanding of relevant matters.