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School Holiday Children’s Activities : Bubbles to Obstacles

school holiday children’s activities

School holiday children’s activities can be something children new to it are not looking forward to. More children’s activities were not on their program. After all, school has just ended. They were expecting more free time to just be lazy, hang out with their friends or stay inside their rooms doing their own thing. Part of this will be indulging in video games, posting and being more visible in their social media circles and just vibe-ing.

Fun Day Out gives your children a chance to give school holiday children’s activities a try and love it. Children enjoy the holiday programs, incursions, excursions and vacation care services set for them. We take care of planning and organising. All that you need to do is pick and show up, not on the same day, of course.   

Burns Outdoor Obstacle Training is perfect to help your children build on motor skills, agility and fitness. This outdoor obstacle training is a one-of-a-kind outdoor obstacle playground situated on 2 acres of land. They offer a wide range of obstacles that suit all abilities and ages from 6 years old to adults.

It is a full technique training on the 18+ obstacles with free time at the end of the session. These sessions are great for kids as they challenge both mind and body in a fun way helping children build on motor skills, agility and fitness.

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Burst a bubble? Not with wonderful and impossible bubbles show with Professor Peanut Butter! Witness the most amazing session in experiencing bubbles like never before. Giant, smoke filled, wobbly, snowing even square bubbles, these are just a sample of some of the amazing bubbles you will see during this exciting show.  To finish it off, all children will get the chance to experience what it’s like to be inside of a giant bubble! All children get a chance to go inside a bubble at the end of the show.

Fun Day Out features fun-filled children’s activities to delight and educate them. Choose from a range of different activities that your child will enjoy in Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and other locations. Call us now for your next incursion, excursion and school holiday activity.