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School Incursion : How To Get The Most Of It

school incursion

School incursion and excursion activities are some of the programs that schools and educators focus on to supplement the development of children.  It augments the areas where the schools touch to some extent but not nearly enough. These extra-academic school incursion activities complement  the brief introduction school has made to various subjects touching on the arts, sports, history and many others.  

Being introduced to new things enables children to be multifaceted and grow well rounded. Incursion and excursion activities expand the kids horizons. They deal with more than just theories and extend to endless possibilities. Having more than one person teach a subject or sport means more ways of tackling and learning from their individual experiences that the kids might encounter. 

Rap n Rhyme & Rocking Poetry with Andy Jones is an incursion that is spreading the word through and rhythm. Andy Jones puts on writing workshops and shows that inspires, engages and guides students in the creation of rap and rhyme. Andy Jones is a best selling children’s author and entertainer will guide the children with age-appropriate programs to suit their pace. He has released CDs, books and audiotapes and performs all over Australia and New Zealand hosting some of the biggest events in Sydney including New Year’s Eve at Darling Harbour and other significant kids events in every major Australian City.

Or opt for Andy Jones’ musical smorgasbord that features electric music showcases with a range of musical styles using instruments and electronics to engage, educate and inspire students.  Students will be encouraged to create and record various musical genres from hip hop and disco to Latin and the blues. Students are involved in every step of the creative process and performance. These sessions can be structured to align with the school’s timetable.

This workshop includes power packed equipment including electric guitars, electronic drum pads, vocal processor, percussion, pre recorded backing tracks and headset microphone. The interactive performance will have students representing band members dressed in different genres and some will become audiences singing, clapping and rock and rolling with the band.

Getting the most out of activities for kids includes making sure to check for the feedback from people that have experienced it. For kids activities providers, checking out associates, clients and venue partners.  Fun Day Out delivers worry-free incursions, excursions and school holidays activities full event management service. Give us a call and let us assist you on the programs you like.