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The Importance Of Play In Vacation Care Activity

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Every child knows how to play. They do have their own version of it though. Some play quietly, some quite animated, some alone and some prefer interacting with other people. Finding fun-filled vacation care activity that would appeal to almost every child of every personality.  This allows for children supervised play and more involved interaction for better social skills.

Fun Day Out will manage and organise your event. Choosing a provider that has the best record and credentials in supplying you with kids activities that will not only be fun but also one that would become a memory your child would cherish. 

Action Circus – from target practice to stilts and everything in between. This vacation care activity has everything kids need to send their Fun-O-Meter through the roof. The physical arts and toys our facilitators lug along can hardly fit within this workshop. Everyone will have the chance to try in a fun safe environment. The diversity of action activities will keep your crew engaged and laughing all day long whether indoors or outdoors.

It is 90 minutes of super engaging incursion that will help cognitive and physical development that teaches about balance and strength and trust building. It is an awesome confidence booster.

Attack of the Giant Slinky – Kids will love to take part in this dynamic interactive workshop. Beginning with a short mime show where kids will grasp how to moonwalk, use invisible walls and walk an invisible dog. Then kids will be introduced to the Giant Slinky, where they will learn how to create wonderful shapes and characters by using the Slinky and exploring their imaginations. This develops their conceptual thinking and constructing story with actions. It also enhances their creativity promoting interactive fun and laughter.

Dennis Clare, the facilitator has been a performer for over 30 years. He trained in the  visual arts majoring in sculpture. Upon completion of his diploma of fine arts, Dennis pursued a career in the performing arts in the area of mime. Attack of the giant slinky is a product of the unique aspects of his performing years.

Play is the groundwork from which all children’s learning stems from. Daily play and interaction can enhance a child’s confidence and wellbeing. Frequency and variety helps in forming different areas of their development. Fun Day Out is your answer to providing the kids with a wide collection of children’s activities to suit your kids temperaments for a day of carefree play. Call us and we will be your single point of contact to organise your entire event.