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Thrilling Kids Activities For The Young

thrilling kids activities

Sometimes you just need thrilling kids activities to jumpstart your ‘blah’ kind of week. Exploring numerous children’s activities gives them more confidence. Exploration is normal for children. And healthy, as this is their way of finding out more about their surroundings. Curiosity and exploration normally goes hand in hand. As children have very low impulse control, what they think of one minute is usually in the process of being done the next.


In fact, you could say that a child’s earliest education is through exploration and trying out what their environment is made of. Everything is new to them, any small thing can interest them. Being curious is part of their nature. They learn best through it and most of the time the outcome sticks to their mind like glue.


Fun Day Out has some thrilling kids activities that will bring the ‘woah’ in kids and ‘bring it on’ in the hearts of adults.


“Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the earth with your eyes turned skyward, for there you have been, and there you will always long to return.” – Leonardo Da Vinci

thrilling kids activities

iFly believe the impossible is possible – encouraging children of all abilities to dream big and dream often. iFly empowers children to soar beyond their own expectations regardless of their physical or cognitive challenges. Children of all abilities can now be given the opportunity to spread their wings and fly like a superhero! This includes those in wheelchairs. Hop on in the 365 degree glass tunnel and just… FLY!


It is an exciting, fun, thrilling and safe overall experience for all flyers. An adrenaline pumping fun sport Indoor skydiving without the chute! The session will include a brief orientation with coaching from a highly trained flight instructor. These flights are 50 seconds in length and all children will be supervised in the wind by a qualified instructor. All the instructors have trained long and hard to make sure you fly safe and have the best 50 seconds of your life.


Fun Day Out is your go-to for fun related full event management incursions, excursions and school holiday/vacation care activities service. Let’s discuss your needs and we will take care of booking the activities and manage the entire booking process. And you show up and have an amazing time.