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Vacation Care Activities Outdoors

Vacation Care Activities Outdoors

Vacation care activities outdoors are perfect this summer. And since the holidays have just ended, it makes the children even more demanding after a taste of being outside and still on a high due to the kids being the focus of Christmas. This sort of attention and then suddenly without it would feel such a  let down. Making them go and be active outdoors would give them a little time to cool down from all the excitement and build up of Christmas.


Vacation care activities outdoors even for a few hours is the equal amount of time they are off their gadgets and are being active. But more than that, these vacation care and being outdoors benefits the physical and emotional wellbeing of children as they run around and become acquainted with new friends and new activities.


A fun and engaging sustainability experience awaits kids that will teach and make the kids understand the importance of conservation and sustainability with Habitat Eco Warrior. It aims to educate where our amazing animals find shelter, how they survive in the wild and how we protect the habitat that our animals live in. It shows the children that everyone must have a hand in protecting the land, plants and animals that live in the 19.7% protected land that encompasses Australia.


Through play and games, kids will try to hunt and find animal shelters. They will have a chance to build their own shelter from the natural materials they find within the environment. The knowledge they gather can be developed and motivate children with these hands-on activities that are delivered by experienced sustainability educators.


Vacation Care Activities Outdoors1Wildlife Unleashed takes the children on an adventure towards conservation, sustainability and education. It is fully involved, kids will have the opportunity to touch and learn about an animal’s natural history and unique traits with presentations that are tailored to the age of children. This experience will leave kids with a greater appreciation and understanding of the nature that surrounds us. The facilitators in this Brisbane vacation care have years of experience in animal care, education and conservation that will begin to nurture kids’ passion for wildlife and conservation. 


Finding a vacation care near that will entertain children and instill a fervor and love for animals, their habitats and conservation is limited but not impossible. Fortunately, Fun Day Out has programs and services to delight and implant good memories and principles to kids that can stay with them until they are older.