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Vacation Care Experiences To Re-discover Australia

Vacation Care Experiences To Re-discover Australia

The growing alarm on the pandemic is making people turn to online vacation care experiences for learning and social interaction. It is the safest way to visit and experience things that ordinarily we would have gone through first hand and the activities that we used to do. While everyone is being extra careful and following the health and safety guidelines provided by the government, we as parents and educators recognise that there is a need to still teach and let children discover and explore their surroundings. This is imperative for their mental and emotional growth. As this is being penned, Australia is celebrating Australia Day.  People are, for the most, jubilant and in high spirits. Some have included the dates in between this day on their annual leaves to have a longer and more enjoyable holiday.


Fun Day Out gives children the opportunity to explore and be more aware of their surroundings, to appreciate more this only country continent that is Australia. Our vacation care programs include incursions that will teach how the indigenous people describe constellations and explain astronomy. Learning about native trees and plants and how they helped our First People and how useful they are still now. Articulate what and why NAIDOC week is important, how they can participate and respect and learn from their culture that has spanned over 60,000 years.

Vacation Care Experiences To Re-discover Australia1

Do you know the significance of the rosemary for Australians on ANZAC day? Fire up the next generation of green caretakers and learn about ANZAC – its traditions and rituals and how the children can better understand and give honour. 


In a very vibrant multicultural and diverse country, Australia is home to the longest continuous cultures. This beautiful country is a mixture of people from all over with over 270 ancestries sharing their culture, habits, perspectives and knowledge. What a wonderful way to understand, accept and nurture our individuality and beliefs.