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What Do You Want To Be

All grown ups first started as dreamers. They dream because they first saw. And thought it was cool. ‘I want to be like that’ Perhaps it was from incursions and excursions they have participated in. They felt something when they saw and tried that for the first time, A joy that cannot be described but always there. Perhaps something akin to finding your favourite ice cream flavour, or snuggling in bed with your most comfortable pillow. There’s contentment, delight even security. What do you want to be when you grow up? Do you already know?

Preparing for your child’s future is a nagging worry. Not every parent can leave an inheritance that can guarantee an easy life for your child. Or prepare them mentally for the future. But you can help them nudge towards the person they want to be someday. Enrolling them in tons of classes that they may later hate is not a good step. You probably have more invested in it, perhaps it is your dream? Let them find theirs.

School Incursions and excursions gives the children experiences on what it takes to do various activities. What these do is make a sort of dry run for a lot of activities that a child might be interested in. These incursions and excursions activities entertain the children for a day. Sometimes it sparks the dream, an idea of one day doing it everyday.

Of course, you can give these experiences without help. It will take a long time to line it up, check credentials, organise what to do and a whole lot more. All these have been done by the providers, all you need is to show up and pay the necessary fees. You could research the provider. Check reviews and policies or ask around previous participants and parents who availed of their services.

Sometimes getting a child to do activities not involving their gadgets and devices can be hard. But our desire to get them to find their dream, give them a future have to be harder than their complaints. Introducing them to different activities might one day lead them to the right professional path.