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Wizards & Mad Hatters

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Children love stories and tall tales. Incursions, excursions, team building and school holiday activities are full of kids who have graduated from ‘once upon a time’ stories. They tend to gravitate next towards adventure stories. Classics like the Wizard Of Oz and Alice In Wonderland are prime examples of these adventurous tales.


Books, movies and stories have all contributed to this fascination. They lie in rapt attention as we read and recount bedtime stories, fables and fairy tales. Story time with adults sometimes acting the part or using different tones and voices for them to enjoy the tale more. Movie and family time where children will often wonder and ask questions relating to the movie and answers need to be supplied, and quick.


Children’s imagination truly is tireless and vigorous. Fun Day Out offers incursions, excursions,  team building, school holiday activities and after school or vacation care activities that gives children an adventure, lessons and tutorials all wrapped in one event. 


Theatre Holiday Fun awaits kids at the Centennial Parklands. Join Alice as she discovers some of the strange and wonderful characters from the Wonderland story. Find out why the Hatter is mad or where the white bunny is really heading. 


In this twist on Alice in Wonderland, the audience helps Alice paint the roses red so she can find her way home. The audience also participates in The Mad Hatters Tea Party, talk to the White Rabbit and play croquet with the Queen of Hearts.  

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Follow the yellow brick road to an unforgettable time of adventure, fun and discovery as children explore an interactive world that pays homage to Frank Baum’s classic Oz stories. Go off to see the Wizard on a magical, immersive experience like no other with state-of-the-art audio-visual effects, putt putt golf, falling snow, sparkling bubbles, singing and dancing. 


Hop on this unforgettable quest traveling through Munchkinland, Cornfield, Forest and Emerald City to complete challenges and become an Oz hero with a prize at the end. Children can also enjoy the play maze, jumping castle, games and challenges and other Oz-some activities – all hosted in a safe indoor event, education and entertainment centre.


Adventure-like activities are a hit with children of any age. Being familiar with the stories and the characters makes it doubly fun and memorable.