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Explorers Quest

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Learn how to Plot your Course!

Get ready for an adventure that will turbocharge your body and supercharge your mind!

Orienteering is not just an ordinary sport – it is a mind-blowing incursion or excursion that will expand your kid’s horizons.

Kids will unleash their inner problem-solving wizards as they use their sharp Maths, Geography, Health, and Fitness skills to conquer mind-bending challenges and games.

Together, kids and their mates will navigate the uncharted territories of your or our environment, equipped with top-notch orientation techniques and their trusty compasses.

Get ready to have a blast while flexing mental muscles, in this game-based active program that promises lots of excitement, engagement and endless fun!


  • Understand and learn how to use a compass
  • What are co-ordinates and how do we use them
  • Learn the principles of direction and orientation
  • Kids will work together as a dynamic team
  • A wild activity where imagination meets action!

What's Included?

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