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Goofy Games

Cre8tive Ali


Sports themed clowning show bringing the arts & play to education. Join ‘Whatsup’ the clown for an hilarious interactive incursion as kids go through a series of trials to be selected for a sports team.

Learn about different sports, the popular and the obscure, as WhatsUp tests and challenges herself and your kids! Children will delight in the mishaps, injuries, trials, and successes of our favourite clown.

Children will then participate in their own fun and silly Sports Competition. Kids will race for gold place in the balloon lifting championships, broom and duster dressage and blind mime archery. Extra points can be scored for comedy, commitment and flare!

An unforgettable experience filled with hilarity as children embrace their creativity and play. An incursion that will be remembered long after the final game & medal ceremony.


  • Interactive engaging energetic incursion
  • Assists with cognitive and physical development
  • Improves fine motor and gross motor skills
  • Excellent for Co-ordination
  • Great teambuilding experience

What's Included?

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