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Christmas with Groove Nation

Fresh, fun and creative Christmas workshop

Groove Nation have the latest Christmas music ready to go and will take your kids through an inclusive Christmas-themed dance and drama session that fosters
creativity, diversity, promotes social learning and takes Christmas excitement to a whole new level!

No old, overplayed Christmas carols; think Justin Beiber, Beyonce and Hip Hop Christmas music to accompany fun, festive choreography and games.

All equipment is supplied including sound systems, student rewards and the latest and greatest appropriate music and choreography for all ages.


  • Christmas warm up: A high intensity, engaging start to set the tone!
  • Ho Ho Ho Hip Hop: Hear of a Helicopter, Baby Freeze of Spongebob? Well your kids will be familiar with some of these exciting hiphop tricks after this
    funky session.
  • Merry Movement & Drama: Groove Nation incorporates drama games with movement to help explore various emotions and nurture creativity.
  • Festive Dance Fitness/Games: This component has a jam-packed party atmosphere (inspired by modern & Latin American beats).
  • Santa Claus Stretch & Rewards: A calm finish to end where
    Groove Nation works on flexibility and hand out student


What’s Included

  • 1.5 hours of jam packed festive fun
  • Drama Games for building confidence
  • Fitness Games for fit kids
  • Amazing tunes
  • Sound System Supplied
  • Full compliance verification and documentation

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