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Moving Bodies – Vacation Care

Taking Gymnastics to a Whole New Level!

Option 1 – Gymnastics
Use of 2 sprung floor areas, trampoline, foam pit, 2 novelty climbing walls, climbing cargo net, bars,
beams, springing equipment and MUCH MORE!

 Option 2 – Ninjas
The Ninja Centre is a fixed and permanent set up course, with 2 timed courses for children
to test out their Ninja skills. Warped walls, a spider wall, cargo nets, ladders, floating doors plus loads more are all included.

Option 3 – Parkour
This military obstacle training spin-off will have children vaulting over obstacles, climbing up walls and
landing into commando rolls.


  • Learn fun new skills with exciting and enthusiastic coaches
  • Children will be kept busy on a huge circuit using all of the equipment
  • Exclusive use of this facility

What’s Included

  • 2 hours of skills, activities and games!
  • Full compliance verification and documentation
0.0 rating
The children absolutely LOVED it! the parents were also super impressed with what the kids came home telling them about the experience. Thank you very much.
Berkeley Vale BASC

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