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PCYC Woolloomooloo – Vacation Care

A fun selection of Vacation Care Programs

PCYC offers a great range of activities for children. Which one will you choose?

Ninja Warrior

Like the Ninja Warrior TV show, participants can run, jump, slide, tumble, and climb their way through our youth sized Ninja Warrior course.

We even have a warped wall! Can you make it to the top??


You too can tumble, bounce, flip, cartwheel like an Olympian- learn & develop these skills & much more whilst having a tonne of fun with our highly
experienced Coaches.

Ju Jitsu or Gymnastics

Ju Jitsu (self-defence) – learn and practice the techniques of self-defence in a playful environment.

Gymnastics – tumble, bounce, flip, cartwheel … learn and develop these skills and more whilst having a tonne of fun with our experienced Coaches.

Street Art or Hip Hop Dancing

Street Art – channel your inner artist with a morning of colour, creativity and canvas. Working with our resident artists, your ideas will come to life,
something you’ll be able to share with your friends & family when you take your creation home with you.

Hip Hop – pop, lock, drop and crump your way around the dance floor…learn new dance moves and practice your favourites!

Could you be the classes best Flosser?


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