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The Accidental Invention

Dennis Clare

Children’s imaginations will ignite during this unique interactive workshop where they will experience how a Slinky comes alive as it creates a transfer of energy in a longitudinal wave.

Dennis Clare will engage and lead children through the art of mime as they create their own theatrical scenario combining mind and movement, and take them on a journey of embodiment.

Children will leave this dynamic workshop with an appreciation of how special the collision of art and science can be, as they experience the accidental invention of the Slinky.

Dennis Clare interacts masterfully with this giant adaptation of coiled metal that comes to life as a bit of oscillating magic, a moving, traveling toy perfect for flipping head-over-heels to “walk” down stairs.


  • Enhance children’s communication skills through non-verbal forms of interaction
  • Gain an awareness of being present in their body and the impact of gesture, posture, and movement
  • Develop conceptual thinking and how to express their imagination

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