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Tribute to Our ANZACS Excursion

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Sydney & Surrounds

EcoWalker Soldier Explorer provides kids with an adventure learning about the stories of the significant events and experiences of Australians at war in Sydney during WWII.

Learn about the invasion and shelling of Sydney Harbour from Japanese forces.

Kids will be called into action as they identify and role play events leading up to and including the night when war came to Sydney.

This excursion will include a historical talk about the Georges Head Fortifications, roles and responsibilities of service men and women of Sydney’s domestic forces during the invasion of the Japanese and subsequent events that occurred following the attacks of Sydney Harbour.


  • Learning about the past military leaders, service men and women of Australia and Japan
  • Explore the gun emplacements and fortifications of Georges Head
  • Newspapers and interviews with Reginald Andrew, Ian Mitchell, Darby Munro and Margaret Coote, relating to the Sydney Harbour Attack
  • Suitable for ages 7 to 12 years

What's included?

Rated 5.0 out of 5
Bradleys Head is such a lovely spot.  Children and staff had a great time.  Alan is extremely knowledgeable and we all learnt new things.  Would definitely do again.
Maroubra Junction

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