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Unicorn Experience – Vacation Care

Unicorn Experience

Celebrate the school holidays in a magical and enchanting way.

Flash the unicorn has entertained old and young alike and has built up a large following of unicorn believers!


  • Meet Flash the unicorn up close and brush his hair, tie a plait and put ribbons on his long mane and tail
  • Can you talk Unicorn? Flash answers a series of Yes/No questions
  • Flash shows his skills of jumping and running around a small course
  • Dance off with Flash
  • Lots of photo opportunities

What’s Included?

  • Lesson in horse craft where children are taught how to care and respect a ‘unicorn’ – includes grooming, cleaning up, safety & handling
  • Children can lead Flash around and walk together
  • Unicorn pony rides
  • Full compliance verification and documentation


5.0 rating
Was fabulous - everyone enjoyed boys and girls and staff. I definitely would give it 10/10
Balmain East OOSH

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