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Discovering History Through Incursions

History through incursions

Discovering history through incursions, excursions and vacation care activities establishes a past the children can compare with the present. This is the period of storytelling and wonderment. There can also be lessons on cause and effect. Learning and hearing history will give them a grasp and awareness of the current world and answer a few of their why’s .The people, the events, the land that they are born into becomes more real, more part of their lives.  


In this context, history demonstrates the effects of good decisions. And bad decisions that, well, go down in history. Some will be for entertainment, the likes of dress up and role playing can be. Or connecting with them in their agricultural methods and lifestyle through workshops, stories and food. This translates to an awareness of identity and where they came from, how they moved forward, what they had to endure. 


Fun Day Out has exciting ways of discovering history through incursions, excursions, team building and vacation care programs to make it more interesting for children. Like the Bush Tucker Incursion- a two hour engaging cultural workshop of learning all about Aboriginal culture, history and heritage of Australia’s First People. It is a great opportunity to glean into their ways and even get to learn to prepare and cook Kangaroo Meatball and Damper. 


Farmer Dave and the RuffTRACK crew invites us to strengthen connection to our country and embrace our Aboriginal heritage, bringing forth the Aussie within every child.  This activity takes children on a diverse adventure through language, dance and art and brings a deeper appreciation of bush survival, bush tucker ways and traditions. It is an educational experience not to be missed. 

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Celebrate Australia’s diversity on Australia Day with Earthbeats with singing, dancing and drumming. Hands – on experience with varied instruments to celebrate the myriad collection of Australian and Indigenous songs, dances and music games observing Australia’s cultural diversity. 


Each event will reconnect the children to the past for them to appreciate the present and hopefully bring a richer future.