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Exhilarating Kids Activities -Sydney & Melbourne

Exhilarating Kids Activities

Looking for exhilarating kids activities in Sydney and Melbourne? Fun Day Out has the answer all laid out for you. As parents, we all know that our children need plenty of fun and stimulating after school activities for children. There have been numerous documented benefits of stimulating kids’ activities. Finding an after school activity near Sydney, Melbourne and even Perth and elsewhere in Australia is just a click away.


Enjoyable Kids Activities

Figuring out enjoyable children’s activities takes a little effort but so long as you determine which things they are interested in.  These could include the following:

  • Dance classes – These are a great way to keep your child active and encourage them to express themselves creatively through dance. 
  • Sports and sports clubs – if your child enjoys a particular sport, they might enjoy taking part in a club where they can get extra practice and also play matches with other children who have the same interests. 
  • Music lessons – If your child is keen in learning an instrument or singing, they might benefit from enrolling in music lessons during the holidays or after school.
  • Arts and crafts workshops – There are a variety of available arts and crafts programs in, around and nearby Sydney, Melbourne and Perth. You can also choose the techniques that can be used to make these arts and crafts. If you have a child with a particular interest in this area, you might wish to look into activities that focus on their chosen craft.
  • Vacation care programs and summer activities – there are a lot of vacation care programs and summer activities aimed towards children of all ages, from toddlers to teenagers. 


Look through a window in the past! Australia has a long fossil history with some dating back over 3 billion years. Learn how scientists uncover the past by exploring fossil material to reconstruct some extinct Australian Dinosaurs. Investigate key fossil sites across Australia to discover more about these amazing animals.


This includes a presentation on fossils and how they are made, even touching some real fossils uncovered. It’s a fun, hands on incursion where children will learn about common groups of fossils and walk in the footsteps of the past to discover details like the size of some Australian dinosaurs.


This is just one of Fun Day Out’s exhilarating kids activities in store for you and your kids. Got an activity in mind? Call us now!