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Exploring Fun Kids Activities

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The situation we are in right now, we need to explore more fun kids activities that adhere to safety standards. Kids after school activities are actually becoming a necessity because of the restrictions on this pandemic. More than ever children are being told to stay safe, stay home and stay away from crowds. This makes for a smaller circle that they can explore. Consequently, the things they can learn about and people they learn from becomes limited. 


Physical and social activities are important for a child’s continued health and development. Being active is their way of experiencing their surroundings. Experiencing is the first step to learning. Motivating them to stay active through this time when all their peers are online and playing MMORPG or designing houses can be frustrating. Safety is another concern that needs to be addressed as staying scarce is needed in order to prevent getting infected with the virus.


Finding a good provider for kids activities that would spark a child’s curiosity according to their age and interests can be as easy as wanting a Fun Day Out! We are a full event management service that is COVID safe and are very much qualified in their fields with current Risk Assessments, Insurance and Working With Children Certification. With a number of fun activities where we will be the single point of contact to organise everything to save you time and effort. From research, venues, activity providers to programs and agreements, we do it all so you don’t have to. All that needs to be done is talk to us and pay. Chat with us now for availability within Sydney, Melbourne, Canberra, Perth or Adelaide, the South Coast, Central Coast and surrounds.


A wide variety of programs that is sure to lure a kid’s interest. Go on adventures of the furry and scaly kind with Rufftrack crew or an interactive show that combines music, storytelling and drama where children will be encouraged to actively participate and create their own story according to their choices on key pivotal moments. This teaches kids about choices and the difference a choice makes. 


A love for history or a love for music? Both, please. Experience ANZAC Day through a celebration of Indigenous songs, traditional instruments, games and storytelling with Earthbeats. Get those tiny muscles to work with mobile rock climbing that’s sure to be a thrilling challenge to children and adults alike. You’ll be spoilt for incursion and excursion choices to suit your taste. 


Inflatables? Check. Craft making? We have that. Artificial Intelligence, culinary pursuits, magic and dancing? These and more are waiting for you here. Get in touch with us now for more details.